Be inspired – 10 amazing poster designs to spark your creativity

Be inspired – 10 amazing poster designs to spark your creativity

poster designs The poster as we know it today dates back to the mid-19th century when lithography made mass print production possible. Today’s poster designers have all the technology at their fingertips to create stunning images, advertising everything from clubs and events to blockbuster movies. Of course, we don’t all have the huge budgets and timeframes enjoyed by movie poster designers. But you can draw from their ideas and techniques when creating new marketing for your own business or your customers. We’ve put together 10 top poster designs – some recent, some not so recent – that we think show great ideas and styles anyone can use as inspiration.Pronomade (Fashion show)


Great use of colours and two strong images feature in this poster that was one of a series advertising a Paris fashion show with the concept of animal instinct meets fashion instinct. Kask Cinema (2012) kask-cinema-poster Six years old but still a good example of great, quirky design that really stands out. Using only two colours, the hand-drawn images are characters and scenes from films shown at the Kask cinema, run by the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Belgium. The Evil Dead (Film) the-evil-dead-poster Again, striking use of colour and two simple images immediately tell you what to expect from this film (even if the title doesn’t give it away first). Knochenbox(Gig poster) Knochenbox-poster Berlin’s Knochenbox venue hosts gigs by underground indie and experimental bands. The music style is reflected in the design style of this poster which is perfect for the genre and for engaging the target audience. We Are Your Friends we-are-your-friends-poster Neon, block colours and a well-illustrated close-up image of the film’s main character make this style poster direct and striking. Maze Runner: Scorch Trials(Film) maze-runner-the-scorch-trials-movie-poster Highly effective use of negative space and the introduction of red to signify heat make this poster very dramatic and memorable (even if the film itself wasn’t). Mass Non-Violent Day of Action(Public event) mass-poster This poster advertising a planned mass protest in New York uses very powerful imagery based on World famous news footage from 1989 when a solitary civilian man blocked a column of Chinese Army tanks. Army enlistment (First World War poster) Army-enlistment-poster This poster, designed to encourage people to volunteer for service during the first World War may be over 100 years old, but the image of the British Secretary of State for War pointing directly at the viewer became so iconic that the concept is still copied throughout the World today. We Can Do It(USA WW2) We_Can_Do_It-poster Another World War, another iconic poster. Created to boost wartime morale, this poster mirrors the bold, bright comic book design style of the time. Today the image is still widely parodied and used to promote everything from tattoos to equality. Metropolis(Film) metropolis-film Designed in 1927 when art deco was the opposite of “retro”, the monochrome design and dark illustration style of this poster still suggests menace. Only four of the original posters remain, one of which sold in London in 2005 for a record £398,000. We hope you’ve enjoyed and drawn some creative inspiration from some of these posters for your new project. Whatever your design you can be sure our expert team at will more than do it justice with exceptional print quality. To see how we help customers every day with market-leading business printing, visit today.

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