How to Stand Out at a Christmas Market

How to Stand Out at a Christmas Market
How to Stand Out at A Christmas Market

As winter is approaching, so too is the craziness of the Christmas shopping season. This time of the year provides a significant opportunity for businesses to boost their sales by attending markets to serve swarms of Christmas shoppers on the lookout for a good deal. In this post, gives you the lowdown on to make a killing this Christmas by providing a range of design tips and product options available at

Design Tips for Promotional Christmas Print Products

1. Make Good use of Spacing

It’s extremely important that you do not overcrowd your Christmas print products with too much information. This will confuse onlookers and deter them from purchasing a product from your stall.

2. Utilise Informational Hierarchy

In other words: put the most important thing first. Potential customers will typically start at the top of your promotional print and work down. Therefore, by varying text sizes and making good use of space, you can direct them to your main product offering, highlighting its key benefits.

3. Stick to a Clear and Easy to Read Font

To ensure that you attract the most customers possible, be consistent with a simple and clear font. This will benefit passersby by enabling them to decipher your product offerings and USPs in a quick and easy manner.

4. Be Consistent with your Colour Scheme

When designing your Christmas print, it is recommended that you utilise a colour scheme that is in line with your business branding. This will reinforce your brand identity and reassure those making purchasing decisions.

5. Use High-Quality Images

Don’t detract from your amazing product by including grainy images on your Christmas stall and print products. Instead, use high-resolution images that show your products in the best possible light.

Promotional Christmas Print Products, Available at 

  • Vinyl PVC banners – Perfect for braving the winter weather whilst promoting your business at your market stall.
  • Leaflets and flyers – Our high-quality leaflets and flyers are extremely versatile – perfect for handing out to the swarms of families as they enter the Christmas market.
  • Luxury business cards – When potential customers show interest in what you have to offer, our luxury business cards will ensure that your brand stays at the forefront of their minds.

Christmas Print at

At, we have a range of digital print products that serve as the perfect promotional tools to get your business noticed this Christmas. Our HP Indigo Digital Print Process ensures rich colours, sharp imagery and clear text – sure to be a hit with your customers. We delivery throughout the whole of Ireland, so visit today!

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