How to Design Stickers

How to Design Stickers
How to Design Stickers

Promotional stickers are an effective and versatile marketing tactic that will benefit just about any time of business. But when it comes to their design, some people may find themselves in a sticky situation. In this post, shows you how to design stickers in such a way that brings about business success.

How to Design Stickers

1. Get your dimensions right

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of design, the first step is to determine the size and shape of your promotional stickers. Sticker dimensions will be solely dependent on their intended usage. At, we offer a variety of shapes and sizes, including A sized, round, square and rectangular stickers to suit varying requirements.

2. Keep a Brand-Centric Theme

Whether you are handing your printed stickers out at trade shows, including them in delivery packages or something else, you must ensure that they are consistent with the rest of your business channels. A brand-centric theme incorporating a similar colour palette throughout will reinforce your brand identity and reassure your potential customers.

3. Make an Impact with your Typography

Unlike leaflets or flyers, business stickers do not warrant paragraphs of informative text. In contrast, they must convey a key message in as few words as possible. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose a typeface that is clear and impactful, able to reel in potential customers to see what you have to offer.

4. Make Effective Use of Space

In continuation of the previous point, promotional business stickers are unique in that they do not offer much space to work with. As a result, they’re much easier to overcrowd with unnecessary text and images. By leaving plenty of space around key messages, you will indicate to your audience what is important and what is less so.

5. Include a Call To Action (CTA)

Your custom stickers have a purpose: to initiate action from your audience. But you can’t expect them to do this off their own accord… you have to ask! Whether you want your potential customers to visit your website or get in touch via telephone, make sure you highlight the next steps they should take.

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