See-through window graphics. How do they work?

See-through window graphics. How do they work?

See-through window graphics seem to be everywhere. We see them on shop and business windows, businesses, bus shelters, phone boxes and on vehicles all over Ireland. While see-through window graphics are widely used for advertising products, brands and services, they can also be used as art to dress up a boring space or to obscure an unattractive interior. Used well, see-through window graphics are extremely striking and noticeable even from a distance. But how do they work?

One side of the story

Graphics are printed on one side of an adhesive-backed material. However, the print is applied as a pattern of dots. Up to 50% of the surface remains unprinted and is therefore see-through. When looking at the printed side the eye focuses on the coloured areas because they reflect light. This tricks the eye into ignoring the unprinted areas where the light simply passes through.

The inside view

On the rear adhesive side of the graphic, a black backing precisely covers the printed dots, leaving the unprinted areas completely clear. When looking through the glass from the back the eye sees only the light coming through the unprinted areas. Because the black backing of the print absorbs light, these parts are much less visible to the eye, which sees only the dominating areas dominated by light travelling through them. This makes the entire graphic appear transparent.

What are the benefits of see-through window graphics?

  • As well as creating striking images on the outside of the glass, see-through graphics reduce glare and UV light – handy if sun (when it appears) shines directly into your building.
  • If your windows are street-facing or in an area where people can see into your building, see-through window graphics create privacy.
  • They’re commonly used on vehicle side and rear windows too as people outside can clearly see the advertising or message, while those inside can still see out.

Your window into the world of see-through graphics

At we supply seven sizes for your see-through window graphics ranging from 500mm x700mm to 40” x 60”, portrait or landscape. We print on durable, 180gsm self-adhesive material that’s easy to apply to the outside of your glass. We use lightfast, waterproof ink so your see-through window graphic will stay up and remain bright all year round, even in in our famous Irish weather. To find out more or to get a price and order your see-through window graphics, simply visit or contact our experienced team today.

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