Because cards aren’t just for Valentine’s Day…

Because cards aren’t just for Valentine’s Day…

Print Valentines Cards
When businesses or their marketing departments think print, they think direct mail pieces, flyers, brochures or posters. But there’s another option that might even serve to give you even greater standout. Cards aren’t just for special occasions! Our greetings cards are popular with all kinds of customers and for all kinds of reasons.

Loved up Couples
Some of our most creative customers are couples on a budget who also want best quality, guaranteed. We most often work with bespoke wedding invitation designers who are working with their clients to produce a complete range of wedding stationary that’s unique. We help their designs to work across every thinkable piece of stationery from ‘save-the-date’ cards, to the main event and evening invites, right through to orders of service and menus.

Creative Businesses
Some of our more creative clients love to be different when it comes to sending our direct mail pieces. And they find a card is an excellent format in which to get their message across. They can send it out in an envelope to maximise personalisation, intrigue – and opening rates! And having a limited space to work with means having to get clear and specific about your message. Which also makes for more compelling marketing.

Events Businesses
Exciting events require exciting invitations. A folded card lends weight and gravitas, giving the event lots of kudos and appeal and making it even more attractive to just the kind of busy people you would love to attend! Plus, a card offers the full range of design potential, reflecting the nature of your event: you can go all out, eye-popping colour with funky fonts for a club or music night, or let subtle, sophisticated colour and upscale design set the tone for something altogether more exclusive.

Thanking your customers
Being grateful sends out all the right signals and is something many businesses miss a trick with when it comes to customer communications. It’s the follow up that makes for a great impression – and it can make for repeat customers. Sending a thank you card or note out with every order, especially if you’re an exclusively digital business, gives customers the impression you’re thinking of them, you value their business and pay attention to the little details. It says all the right things about your business!

How Custom Greeting Cards Create Impact:

  • A blank canvas for your individuality and creativity
  • Use your own artwork or branding
  • Print as many as you need
  • Choose from an excellent range of paper stocks and sizes – including Trucard
  • Choose from a choice or envelopes to create a truly individual finish
  • Print on the inside too – in full colour if you wish!
  • Enjoy high quality, HP Indigo print finish

What do or would you use printed cards for in your business? We’d love to help to bring your ideas to life…

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