What is gsm and what’s the best choice for your print?

What is gsm and what’s the best choice for your print?

CMYK printing sheet color barsIf you’ve ever asked for a print quote you’ll know that you’re given options for everything from size, page count, finish and the gsm of your paper. Gsm stands for grams per square metre but is a good guide for thickness as well as weight. Letterheads will typically be around 100-120gsm, simply meaning that a square metre of the paper weighs 120 grams. Standard business cards are usually on 350 or 400gsm.

Will my print be cheaper on a lower gsm?

Generally speaking, yes. But there’s more to consider than just the initial price. A heavier gsm might cost a little more but it will be stronger and can look better. It depends on what you’re printing and how the product will be used. A disposable flyer handed out to promote tonight’s event doesn’t need to be long-lasting. However, if you’re distributing leaflets or brochures at a trade show you’ll want people to take them home and refer to them later, so a heavier paper will be better. A heavier paper will also have less show-through, meaning it is more opaque than lighter weights.

Will my print look better on heavier paper?

Your printer should use only good quality paper regardless of weight. At DigitalPrintingIreland.ie we use only premium paper throughout our range. However, heavier stock can give a much better impression and shows potential customers you’re willing to invest in your business – and therefore in them. A cheap looking, flimsy business card or company brochure won’t inspire confidence in potential customers and will damage their perception of the service you provide.

So what gsm should I choose?

It largely depends on the product. Postcards and business cards will obviously be on heavier paper. For brochures or bound booklets, many people go for a thicker cover at around 250gsm and lighter internal pages at of 120-140gsm. With business cards, the thickness can make a real difference. At DigitalPrintingIreland.ie we supply business cards from standard 350gsm right up to a whopping 1190gsm as part of our luxury business card range. The product along with your company image and type of usage will all influence your paper choice.

The best range of weights online – and right here in Ireland

At DigitalPrintingIreland.ie we have a superb range of paper types and weights from 100gsm right up to the 1190gsm for our quadruple thick luxury business cards. When you go online to get your instant quote you’ll see all the types and weights available. You can order a paper swatch book so you can see and feel the entire range for yourself. The paper you choose can make a real difference to your job and our expert print team are always happy to give advice. For more information visit www.DigitalPrintingIreland.ie or contact us today.

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