Greetings from your business!

Greetings from your business!

Why greeting cards are great marketing and promotional items

thank you cards irelandThese days, greeting cards are sent on any number of occasions. From Christmas (which will be upon us much sooner than many of us would like to think) to St Patrick’s Day, we send cards across Ireland and around the world. If you’re in business greeting cards are a great way to connect with customers, reconnect with old clients, build relationships, grow your brand and introduce your business to potential new clients.

Great for any occasion  

We all think of cards at certain times of the year, but there are other occasions on which a well thought out greeting card can really make a great impression. Has a client just won a huge account or opened a new office? Maybe they’ve won an award or moved premises. Maybe a thank you card for business or charity donations. As well sending greeting cards for the more obvious seasonal occasions, think of other reasons you can send one. Greeting cards are a great way to build relationships, introduce your business or remind people that you’re there.

Image is everything

Research shows that 90% of information transmitted to brain is visual, so great imagery is vital. Try to avoid stock images but if you must use one, stay away from bland business pics. Use something that stands out. A striking graphic can be just as good and with modern digital printing techniques you can really use colours creatively. A light-hearted picture of staff or a cartoon related to your business can be very effective too. The more original and individual your card, the better!

Think about typography

Choose fonts that send the right message for your business. Clever typography can be very effective. Experiment with fonts but don’t fall into the trap of using too many different typefaces that make your card hard to read. Large type running off the edges of your card can look really striking too.

Get personal

With digital printing there’s no minimum amount. That means you can customise your cards for specific clients. A personal feel will show that you’re not just sending out greeting cards like mailshots and that you’re message is solely for the recipient.

Paper choice can help your card get noticed

Check that your printer has a good range of paper options. Luxury papers come in a range of textures, finishes and colours and can give your card a really unique feel. There are also recycled papers as well as premium silk, matt and gloss finished cards. People open and read cards so they can feel as well as see the quality.

At we supply a great range of greeting cards. There are a number different sizes and folding options. You can also take your pick from our full range of papers and finishes. As well as Trucard, a specialist paper stock used for greeting cards, there’s an extensive selection of premium and luxury papers. It’s up to you and all the choices are clearly shown on our website. Our greeting cards are currently on offer at an even lower price so to order your card or to find out more about any of our products, simply visit


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