Great gig posters

Great gig posters

Get creative with gig posters
The great thing about designing posters for gigs or bands is that you’re not bound by the limitations that can apply to other types of advertising and promotion. With gig posters, you can really get creative. There are a number of methods you can use to really make your gig poster stand out. And with hundreds of bands playing hundreds of gigs in venues across Dublin and throughout Ireland, you really will need to make sure your gig poster stands out from the crowd.

Gig Posters
There are two main types of gig poster. One is seen on the posters pasted up on hoardings in towns and cities. These are designed to be seen and digested at a glance; often by passing drivers, so they often consist of little more than huge block letters listing the band, venue, and date. However, in and around venues or on purpose-built advertising sites, you’ll see more creative gig posters that allow designers to really experiment with imagery, typography, and design.

Get creative!
When advertising a gig, you are promoting both the event and the band itself. Music, like art and design, is a creative industry so you can be more adventurous with your design, imagery, and typography.

Use eye-catching imagery
Gigs are one-off events and their promotion often involves a relatively small, limited print run. That means you can take risks you might not take with a campaign lasting months with a print run of thousands. Rather than stock images, you can use great, unique imagery. Maybe a creative pic of the band, an illustration or a collage. And one reason digital print by is perfect for gig promotion is that there’s no minimum quantity – you can print as few or as many as you need!

Use great typography
Remember that the main purpose of a gig poster is to advertise a live music event. You can use a creative font or even hand-written text, but make sure it’s as readable as it is visually striking.

Remember – posters can also be used as wall art
Great gig posters double as art. Fans and collectors often hang gig posters on their wall. When you’re designing your gig poster, ask yourself, “Would this look good when hung on a wall?” Posters that double as merchandise are popular with fans and with bands or promoters who need to make money wherever possible.

Listen to the band
It’s always worth listening to the band or artist who will be performing at the gig. The feel of the poster may well be different for a hard rock band than for a singer-songwriter. A song or album title may give you inspiration for your design, or the artist themselves may have a particularly striking look, so do your research.

Play with paper
Think about using different colours and textures of paper, especially for short runs. At we offer a huge range of paper styles and finishes, so have a look at our website to see the vast range of options available that will make your gig poster truly unique.

At we want to help you create a memorable and eye-catching gig posters that effectively promote your gig and that look great. When it comes printing posters and other marketing, we really know what we’re doing and we’re passionate about producing truly exceptional print. To find out more, contact our team of expert printers or visit today!


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