Flyer design 101

Flyer design 101
Flyer Design

Struggling to find a flyer design guideline? Well, your search is finally over! In this post, details the ins and the outs of creating stand-out flyers to promote businesses, concerts, fundraisers and so much more. Flyers remain one of the most versatile and effective marketing tools there is, so be sure to pay attention!

What is a flyer?

This is quite a difficult question to answer. Why? Because flyers can be whatever you want them to be! No other marketing tool is as versatile as a printed flyer. Whether you are an event manager looking to promote an upcoming concert or a business owner attempting to promote a current, limited-time price offer, flyers will do just the trick. But there’s a caveat: a poorly-designed and dull promotional flyer will evoke zero emotional response from your recipients. To mitigate this risk, we recommend sticking to the following guidelines below.

How to design a flyer?

In order to design an effective flyer, you will need to focus on two key areas, namely: aesthetics and content. Therefore, we have included a list of design tips each in the following sections below.


  • Central focal point – You must make the underlying purpose of your flyer the central focal point of the document. For instance, in capital lettering, you could include ‘50% off all products’ in the top third of the front of your flyer.
  • Colour palette – The colours used in your flyers must match the theme of the event your running or the branding of your business. This will add to their professionalism and further the awareness of what you’re promoting through colour association.
  • Images – It’s critical to use only high-resolution and relevant imagery in your flyers. Grainy images will detract from the overall aesthetics and negatively affect the reputation of your event or business.
  • Font – If your audience can’t read your flyer, there’s no point in having it. Clear, easy-to-read text must be a key consideration during the flyer design phase in order to effectively convey your key messaging.


  • Ordering – Your copy must be ordered in relation to the importance of the information provided. A typographic hierarchy such as this will enable recipients to gather all necessary details in a quick and efficient manner; thus making it easier to engage with the flyer.
  • Brevity – It’s quite simple: don’t overpopulate. Large chunks of needless text is a surefire way to disinterest your recipients. Instead, highlight the key messages in a concise and informative manner.
  • Calls to action – The goal of a flyer is to initiate action from your recipients. And what’s the best way of doing this? That’s easy: By asking them! Show your recipients what they should do next, don’t just leave it up to them.
  • Contact information – This is a biggy. Clearly displaying contact information is crucial in flyer design. Make it nigh on impossible for your recipients to miss your contact phone number, email, fax number etc.

Flyer printing at

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