Watch your sales soar with fantastic flyers

Watch your sales soar with fantastic flyers

Our top five tips to get the best from your printed flyers
Wherever you are in Ireland; whether you’re in business premises, shops, restaurants, trade shows or even walking down the street, you won’t have to look too far to find printed flyers. At, we have been supplying a variety of printed flyers to all sorts of customers for almost 30 years. Flyers remain hugely popular marketing products. They’re easy to produce, very cost-effective, they can go anywhere and they work!

FlyersOf course, there are a lot of flyers out there, all fighting for our attention. So how can you make sure yours grab attention and get your message noticed? There are a number of ways to make your flyer stand out and we’ve put together our top five:

1. Have a catchy headline and great content
A great headline is an excellent way to draw people in and get their attention quickly. It might be an offer or maybe a teasing or intriguing line that entices readers to find out more. It should be snappy and provocative. That way your flyer will warrant a second look and a closer read. Bring in a copywriter if you’re not comfortable writing headlines or content yourself. If your content is poorly written or has too much rambling text, no-one will bother to read it. A great headline and concise, snappy content will have your flyer read and remembered.

2. Use only great design
With so much competition out there it’s essential that your flyer is well designed. A poorly designed flyer will look unprofessional, give a poor impression of your business and probably not even be read, so if you’re not good at design, bring in someone who is.

3. Use only great print
The best design will be let down by poor quality print. When people see a cheap, badly printed flyer, they’ll assume the business is cheap and unprofessional too. At we never compromise on quality. We use on top of the range HP Indigo presses to produce print of the very highest quality and we only use premium papers for all of our print. We’re so confident with the quality of all our print that we guarantee it with the DP Guarantee!

4. Include great offers or deals
People love getting something for nothing. Advertising great discounts, giving away free products or services or offering special deals are all great ways to get your flyer noticed and your brand remembered. You can even include coupons.

At we have over 20 years’ experienced in supplying top quality printed products to our customers. Our website shows our full range products including flyers, leaflets, brochures and posters as well as an extensive range of large format print. You can get quotes, upload artwork and order your job online. We also have templates you can download for your artwork. It’s all easy to use and our online system means you can order print from your home or office at any time that suits you. For more information or to get started with your printed flyers, simply visit or contact our team of printers today.

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