Five reasons why business cards are important today

Five reasons why business cards are important today

Here?s my business cardBusiness cards are more important today than ever before. Even if you correspond or do business online it’s a big mistake to underestimate the impact you can make with a professional business card. Not only should you have business cards with you at all times but you should take as much care over their design and print as you do with any of your marketing. Not convinced? Here are five reasons business cards are still important today.

Business cards are perfect portable marketing

Business cards fit easily into wallets and pockets. That means you can take them to meetings, networking events, functions, when visiting clients or suppliers and when you go out socially. You never know when you’ll bump into a potential customer so don’t leave the house without your business cards.

Great business cards make a great first impression

Your business card is often the first impression someone will have of you and your business. That’s why it’s so important to think very carefully about the design and print of your card. Both need to portray your business as serious and professional. A cheap looking or flimsy business card will do untold damage to your reputation but a professionally designed and printed card will leave the recipient with exactly the right impression of your business.

Business cards show you as a professional

Whether you meet someone at an arranged meeting or simply bump into them on the street, nothing looks less professional than scrambling to find a pen and piece of paper. If you’re in business potential customers and clients will expect you to have a business card so always make sure you can produce one on request.

A business card creates a personal connection

How often have you looked at a business card and pictured the person who gave it to you? Giving a business card makes a personal connection you simply can’t make by email or online. Emails are read (sometimes) and forgotten. However, people might find your card days or weeks later and remember your meeting. Business cards engage in a personal way that’s great for building relationships.

Business cards grow your brand

Every time someone sees your business card they become more aware of your brand. People keep business cards for a long time and often share them with others. That means your business card keeps working for you weeks or months after you’ve given it out. So when you’re designing your business card make sure you use branding that’s consistent with the rest of your marketing.

Ready to get busy with professional business cards?

At we supply our customers with a superb range of business cards to suit every need and any budget. From our standard cards printed on premium 350gsm stock to our luxury double, triple and quadruple thick business cards, you can be sure of the exceptional quality you’ve come to expect. To give the perfect impression of your business with professional business cards simply visit today.

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