Create amazing exhibition pull up banners in 5 simple steps

Create amazing exhibition pull up banners in 5 simple steps
Exhibition Pull Up Banner

The ultimate goal of attending a business exhibition is to promote your products or services to potential customers. But how do you expect to spark interest in your brand without an effective exhibition pull up banner? In this post, shows you how to create amazing exhibition pull up banners, taking you through the process step-by-step.

1. Branding

Exhibition pull up banners are there to do one thing: promote your business. As such, brand-centric design is crucial. You must design your exhibition pull up banner in such a way that is consistent with other business channels; use the same colour palette, font style and so on. Be sure to place your logo in the top third of the banner, as this is the position that is most visible from a distance.

2. Ordered content

The majority of your audience will likely read your exhibition pull up banner from top to bottom, left to right. You can optimise against this fact by strategically placing your key messaging just beneath where your logo is sitting to have the best chance of being consumed by potential customers.

3. Imagery

What’s a surefire way to damage your business reputation? Using low-quality, grainy imagery in your exhibition pull up banners. Remember: your banner is a reflection of your business and should therefore ooze professionalism and sophistication. Use only high-resolution imagery on your exhibition pull up banners, but be careful not to clutter the page.

4. Spacing

It’s imperative that you don’t overpopulate your banner with needless content. The overuse of images and large chunks of text will significantly damage your audience’s engagement. Instead, make effective use of spacing to section your content into bitesize and informative parts, giving a brief overview of the products and/or services that you offer.

5. Feedback

The easiest method of gaining feedback on your pull up banner is by asking questions. When a potential customer makes his or her way to your booth, kick things off by politely asking what persuaded them to come over. That way, you’ll gain brilliant insight into the best and worst aspects of your exhibition pull up banner which is critical for making future improvements.

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