Eight Ways to Make your Business Card Unique

Eight Ways to Make your Business Card Unique

The next time you’re at a business or networking event, conference or anywhere you’re likely to see or receive large numbers of business cards, ask yourself which cards stand out. Then ask yourself why. There are so many businesses competing for your attention and it’s the same for your own potential customers.

Given that your business card is the first introduction many people will have to who you are and what you do, can you be sure that yours is everything it could be? Consider the number of cards people see and receive. Is yours better? Will it jump out? Is it unique? If the answer’s ‘no’, then have a look at these simple but highly effective ways to make sure your business card gets you noticed in a crowded marketplace.

Insist on killer design

Whatever your business it’s vital that all of your marketing looks sharp and professional. Anyone can (and many do) simply print their name, details and logo on their business card, believing that to be enough to encourage someone to make contact or find out more. This is a huge mistake. You might think you don’t need a professional designer for something as small as a business card – but you’d be wrong. Your business card is a massively important piece of marketing and you should take its design every bit as seriously as you would your brochure or a billboard. If you’re designing your own card have a look online at what’s happening in design for 2020. Look at new trends and at other creative business cards or check out our design blogs at DigitalPrinting.co.uk.

Be on message

What’s your core message? Is it unique? Does it set you apart from competitors? While it’s never a good idea to include too much information on a business card a strong core message will always get attention, especially if you offer something unique. You can use humour or be direct as long as your message is clear. It’s best to keep one side of your card to name, contact details and business name or logo but you can use the other to add a simple message that will stick in the mind. A strong, unique selling point will often be remembered by people long after they have received your card, so think of how you can say it in a few, clear words and put it on your business card. A creatively delivered message might be all you need to make your card truly unique.

Choose a life of luxury

Touch is a powerful and effective way to engage people. That’s why print advertising is still alive and thriving in a world rife with social media and online marketing. Check out our luxury papers and finishes. Think about using textured paper such as linen effect, felt marked, laid or hammer effect. There are metallic effects and pearlescent finishes that give a beautiful sheen and glimmer in the light, or you can go with a super white or smooth ivory card. Anything that makes your card stand out and look or feel different will give you a much better chance of being remembered.

Time to get heavy

Pick up a standard business card. Chances are it’s printed on 350-400gsm paper. There’s nothing wrong with that and these cards can be hugely effective if they have a professional, original design. However, if you want to make your card unique, think about extra thick card. We supply double, triple or even quadruple thick business cards – that’s 1190gsm. Imagine receiving that alongside a large number of standard weight cards, it’s going to stand out from the rest! That’s why we’re one of the only online printers to offer such a wide range of weights.

Get an edge

Imagine a luxuriously thick business card that not only looks great on its flat surfaces but also when seen from the thin edge. That’s exactly what you can have with a coloured core insert. We offer a range of coloured inserts for our extra thick business cards. Have a look on our website to see how striking your business card will appear with a core colour visible in the middle around the entire edge of your card.

Go minimal

A common mistake people make when designing not only their business cards but also other printed marketing, is to think it’s important to fill as much space as possible. Use your space. Embrace negative space. A small message sitting alone in the middle of a page can be really effective and will always be read. People are naturally curious when they see something a bit different. The same idea can work just as well on your business card. A clean, uncluttered design with plenty of space will look modern and contemporary. 

Have fun with fonts

A mix of fonts and type sizes can be very effective and make for a unique business card design. Obviously, choose fonts that work well together. Some excellent business cards use only text and typography-based design. Look up examples of great typography and you’ll see the impact that can be achieved with different fonts and widely contrasting type sizes. And just because your business card might be landscape doesn’t mean that all your type must be too. There’s no law that says your company name must run in the same direction as your contact details. There’s so much a good designer can do with text, even in one colour so why not experiment and have fun with fonts! 

Use a great image

Fill one side of your business card with an image – not a bland stock image or boring photograph but something really striking that will make people look twice. It might be humorous, emotive, dramatic or provocative. Even if it doesn’t immediately or obviously relate to your business a great image can make a big and lasting impact. An illustration can be just as effective. It might be a cartoon, pop art or photo-real painting. It might be a line drawing or sketch. People naturally look to see what’s on the other side of a business card so don’t worry that they’ll miss your details. Feel free to get really creative with great imagery.

Whether you go for a contemporary design or something quirky, luxury paper or standard premium card, you’ll find exactly what you need at DigitalPrinting.co.uk. We use only the very best Indigo digital presses that produce print of a truly excellent quality that’s guaranteed to bring your design to life. Our award-winning website is really easy to use. First, choose your size, paper, finish and delivery method. You’ll get an instant quote and when you’re happy you can order your job and upload your artwork from any desktop or mobile device. Then relax and wait for the delivery of your beautiful new business cards. To find out more or to order online simply contact us or visit www.DigitalPrinting.co.uk today.

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