What are the different types of brochures?

What are the different types of brochures?

A stack of magazinesThat’s a question certainly included in the “how long is a piece of string” category. However, for the purposes of a short informative blog, we’ll keep the answer to a few hundred words (we’re nice like that) and concentrate on the folded brochures often used in the world of marketing. When people think of brochures they often picture catalogues or other multi-page or bound booklets. These are certainly effective and we’ve covered them recently. However, folded brochures are perfect when you’ve more to say than you can on a flyer but not enough to fill a bound booklet.

What’s a brochure used for?

To answer that question with another question – What do you want to say?

Uses for brochures include:

  • Introducing a new product range
  • Advertising at an event
  • Listing services
  • Introducing your new business
  • Mail drops
  • Advertising in bars, clubs and restaurants
  • Promoting products
  • Driving customers to other print or online marketing
  • Advertising special offers or promotions

There a few different kinds of brochures that use only one sheet of paper. They’re great for advertising on a budget as well as being quick and easy to produce. The fall into two main categories – bi-fold and tri-fold.

What is a bi-fold brochure?

A bi-fold or half fold brochure is where a page is folded in two to give four panels – also called printed pages. For example, an A4 flat sheet folded in half horizontally will give you a four-page A5 brochure.

What is a tri-fold brochure?

A tri-fold brochure is folded twice to give six printed pages. So from an A4 flat sheet, you’ll get a six-panel brochure.

There are three different types of tri-fold brochure, each with a different type of fold:

– Roll fold
– Z fold
– Gate fold

What is a roll fold brochure?

With a roll fold brochure, the flat sheet is folded into equal thirds. This gives you a front cover and five more pages for information.

What is a Z fold brochure?

A Z fold brochure is so called simply because it’s folded in the shape of a Z and opens out like an accordion.

What is a gatefold brochure?

A gatefold brochure is folded twice but not into equal thirds. Instead, the left and right panels are each only half the width of the closed leaflet. They fold into the centre so the brochure opens like a double door or gate. It’s less common than a roll fold or Z fold brochure but can have great impact as a promotional tool.

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