What are the different types of booklet binding?

What are the different types of booklet binding?
Booklet Binding

Stroll through your local newsagent or bookshop and you’ll see all kinds of magazines, paperback and hard-backed books. You probably don’t think about how the pages are held together but chances are they’re all bound using one of the three main types of binding used in book printing. Booklet binding is an important part of the printing process (you wouldn’t want to take delivery of numerous sets of 300 loose pages and be told to fend for yourself after all) and the type used on your publication depends on a few factors.

Booklet binding options

The three main types of binding used in print are:

• Saddle stitch binding – used for publications of between eight and 64 printed pages
• Perfect bound book binding – used for books of between 40 and 700 printed pages
• Wiro binding – used for documents of between eight and 360 printed pages

What is saddle stitch binding?
Saddle stitch or stapled binding is where spreads are stacked, folded vertically down their centre and then stapled along the fold. Saddle stitch binding is ideal for handbooks, company booklets, brochures, newsletters and magazines of 68 pages or less. Saddle stitched is an extremely popular and very cost effective binding that produces professional, well-finished, durable booklets. Documents can be fully opened so designs can run across two pages. If you’ve more than 28 pages the spine can be squared off so your booklet won’t spring open and will sit perfectly flat when closed.

What is perfect bound book binding?
With perfect bound book binding the pages are stacked and then glued along the rear edge to the inside of the spine of a wrap-around cover. Perfect bound books won’t open flat but perfect binding an excellent option for longer books, novels, magazines, catalogues and brochures. The spine is square and can be printed – perfect for display purposes. The PUR adhesive used is extremely flexible and strong so pages are unlikely to fall out even after repeated use. Nearly all novels and hard-backed books use perfect bound book binding.

What is wiro binding?
Wiro binding, sometimes called spiral binding is where the pages are stacked together then hole-punched close to the rear edge. Wire is then fed through the holes to bind the leaves together. Wiro bound books can hold up to 180 separate leaves to make 360 printed pages. Because wiro bound books can open fully and lie completely flat as well as fold back around, they’re ideal for reference books, recipe books, manuals and presentation documents.

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