How To Design A PVC Banner

Whether you are promoting a business, product or event, the do’s and don’ts for PVC banner design remain pretty much the same. Therefore, in this post, shows you how to design a PVC banner by providing a list of easy-to-follow guidelines. If properly adhered to, you’ll be well on your way to garnering the right attention from your target audience!

1. Be concise and informative

What’s the main mistake when it comes to PVC banner design? That’s easy: overcrowding. Contrary to common belief, the more information you include on a banner, the less effective it is likely to be. Passers-by simply don’t have time to stop and decipher dense chunks of text. Therefore, we recommend keeping it simple. Display your message in a concise, informative and engaging way, then let your target audience come to you for more information.

2. Use only high-resolution imagery

Want a surefire way to disinterest your target audience? Use low-quality, grainy images on your PVC banner. So often we see fuzzy pictures plucked straight from the internet on banners that are supposedly promotional – but what does that say about the business? It’s imperative that you use only sharp, high-resolution images on your PVC banner in order to make the right impact on your audience.

3. Utilise CMYK colour mode

When designing your PVC banner, stay well clear of the RGB (red, green and blue) colour mode. Our leading HP Indigo Digital Presses use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) colour mode and when we receive designs in RGB, the end result is never as expected. Visit our Designing for Print page for more information.

4. Be strategic with text placement

Your main message should be situated at the eye level of your audience as this is where it is most likely to be absorbed. What’s more, it’s important that you do not design close to the edge of your PVC banner in order to avoid disruption from the eyelets placed at equal distances apart.

5. Stand out from the crowd

Our last guideline is pretty simple: don’t be boring. At the end of the day, you want your PVC banner to catch the eye of potential customers, right? So, don’t be afraid to use a bold colour scheme and stimulating language.

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