How to design presentation folders

How to design presentation folders
Presentation Folders

Creating presentation folders for your business? Struggling to find any design tips? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Presentation folder design is something which seems to slip under the digital radar, so to speak. But is here to help. In this post, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to design presentation folders, discussing everything from card stock to professional finishes and so much more.

What is a presentation folder?

Presentation folders are typically used by business owners and employees to hold loose documents together for organisation and protection purposes. In terms of the housed documents, they can range anywhere from promotional material to company reports, along with capacity pockets for business cards and other stationery items. Effective presentation folder design is essential in achieving brand consistency and professionalism and as such, must be made a key consideration.

How to create a presentation folder

Listed below are some tips and tricks on how to design presentation folders.

Brand-centric design

Presentation folders are an extension of your business. Therefore, they must represent your brand’s core values and be designed in such a way that is consistent with other channels and stationery items.

Less is more

When designing your presentation folders, it is recommended that you stay well clear of including any unnecessary and eyesore content. Cluttered and confused presentation folders will fail to convey your brand’s message in a simple and effective way. What’s more, they may detract from the perceived professionalism of your business, hence diminishing your brand’s reputation.

Consider pocket capacity

The required pocket capacity will be dependant on business type and the kind of documents in which you’ll likely be carrying. At, we offer three capacity pockets, including 0mm which holds up to 15 pages of standard photocopier paper, 3mm which holds up to 25 pages and 5mm holding up to 40 pages. What’s more, business cards, appointment cards and the like can be included within presentation folders to serve as an additional marketing tool.

Add lamination

Both matt and gloss lamination will add to your presentation folder’s resistance to wear and tear – an important factor given their frequent use. Furthermore, laminated presentation folders show your business in a positive light, as a professional organisation that is trustworthy and adept at what it does.

Presentation folder printing at

At, you can get printed presentation folders in either oversize A4 or oversize A5. Choose from a range of paper styles and stocks, including silk and premium uncoated, to achieve your desired end product. To get fast turnaround and speedy delivery times to Dublin and beyond, visit and order presentation folders online before it’s too late!

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