Design the perfect pull-up banner

Design the perfect pull-up banner

Applying for job on internet, work searchingPull up banners, roller banners, roll up banner stands – call them what you will, but one thing’s for sure. Pull up banners are among the most effective forms of marketing around. They can go anywhere, they’re portable, easy to use and can cost as little as €27.60 per stand. Sound good? Well then, have a look at our guide to how to design the perfect pull up banner.

What is a pull-up banner?

A pull up banner is a portable display stand. The printed graphic is rolled up in an aluminium or metal housing. To erect the stand you simply pull the printed section out and attach the top to a telescopic pole. Remove the pole and the graphic retracts back into its housing. When erected, pull up banners stand around 2000mm tall and are between 800mm and 1500mm wide depending on the model. They go up as quickly as they come down and are very light so easy to carry.

What makes a good pull up banner?

A good pull up banner will have a simple and clear message. Too much text will turn people off. Striking imagery and a great headline will see your pull-up banner and your message make a really big impact.

How to design an effective pull-up banner

Pull up banner design is similar to outdoor poster design in that it needs to get your message across in seconds. Your logo should be at the top. Remember that people read top-to-bottom, left-to-right so keep your important information high in the design. Think about the colours you use so that they attract attention without clashing. Use easy to read fonts and don’t use too many different typefaces. If you’re using photographs make sure they’re high resolution (300dpi at the size they’ll print). Nothing will ruin your stand like a blurry image and hard to read text.

What to put on a pull-up banner

Your logo and contact details are essential. You can add a QR code pointing to your website or social media pages. What to write on a pull up banner will depend on its purpose. If your banner is to raise brand awareness a headline and logo might be all you need. If you want to include an image use something unique and striking. Avoid bland stock photography. If your pull up banner is to promote certain products, services or events, do so with a great headline or simple, clear message.

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