Win customer loyalty with stickers

Win customer loyalty with stickers

Printed StickersHow to win customer loyalty with every sale

We all love getting new customers. But successful business knows that a sale shouldn’t be the end of the relationship between company and customer – quite the opposite! See new sales as a chance to start a new and lasting relationship with your customer and you’ll be well on the way to building a truly successful business.

But how do you turn each sale into lasting return business?

Make your customers feel special

People make buying decisions based on any number of factors and they’re making those decisions all day, every day. Improve your customer’s experience and they’re much more likely to remember your business and brand. That means they’re much more likely to come back again.

Even a small gift can work wonders. A stickers or even a packet of sweets shows your customer they’re genuinely important to you and that you’re willing to go a little bit further to show that. At we send out a packet of Haribo sweets with all of our deliveries and we know they’re appreciated – our customers tell us so!

Be a hit on social media

Very often customers will take to social media to talk about their experiences – good or bad. If they’re happy or get a novelty gift or a sticker, they might well post about it. We print a huge number of stickers for our customers and many send them out with products. If you make your customer smile when they open their package, even before they see their product, they’re likely to tell others about it. That means that as well as winning loyalty with that customer, your name and brand will travel further still through word of mouth. And if you’re in business, you’ll know that there’s no advertising as valuable as personal recommendation.

Build your brand

Many customers who use our printed stickers also use them on the packaging itself. Putting a branded sticker or label on packaging or envelopes promotes your business and grows brand awareness even before the package or letter is opened. At we also print flyers, leaflets and promotional postcards that our customers often include with packages. They might offer special deals or limited offers. They might offer money off or free gifts or services. Whether you use stickers, leaflets or postcards, one thing’s for sure – they’ll promote your brand and help to build loyalty and good relationships.

If you do include stickers, gifts or other promotional material in packaging, remember to keep it well branded. Keep your brand consistent across all your marketing and you’ll help ensure that your name comes to mind when people think of a particular product or service.

In more than 25 years in the industry, we’ve supplied all sorts of high quality printed marketing for our customers. You’ll see our full range online – everything from stickers to billboard advertising.

You can get prices on our website, upload artwork, order your job and arrange delivery. You can even download templates to help you with your artwork. To find out more about increasing your sales, growing your brand and gaining customer loyalty, simply visit or contact our team of experts today!

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