Top 10 Tips for Highly Creative Business Cards

Top 10 Tips for Highly Creative Business Cards

Creative Business Cards It’s often easy to take your business card for granted, but this is a huge mistake. Your business card might be the first impression a prospective customer has of your business – and first impressions last. This small but powerful marketing tool should showcase your unique identity in a professional and creative way. So to help you ensure your card conveys your business in the right way, here are 10 tips for producing creative business cards that work.

1. Always use quality print
You want your card to convey a professional business and quality service. A cheap looking business card will immediately give a poor impression of your business. Quality print influences your company’s reputation and if your business card is poor quality or badly designed this will in turn reflect negatively back onto your company.

2. Use the space wisely
Of course, you need to include your brand, what you do and your contact details, but don’t try to sell your full range of products or services on your business card; you can do that on your website or with other printed marketing materials. Be creative with the space available. For example, in many cases beautiful typography is enough for great branding and you can create a very minimalist business card with a main focus on type.

3. Make sure the design portrays your business
If you run a creative or quirky business, show this with the design your card. Leading creative agency, Rethink has designed several highly creative business cards which perfectly reflect company identity. Check out the beef jerky business card for a survival training company. Made from organic beef jerky, this laser-etched business card is good to eat for up to a year, in case you find yourself stuck in a precarious situation.

Beef Jerky Business Card

Credit: Rethink

Broke Bike Alley’s business cards help you help your bike. This card / tool fits in your wallet and lets you adjust your bolts and spokes. And open your beer.

Broke Bike Alley Business Card

Credit Rethink

This business card for Benton Brothers Fine Cheese shop was die-cut from a paper stock with a smooth, almost waxy texture, so it looks and feels like a real piece of cheese.

Cheese Business Card

Credit: Rethink

If your company deals in high-end services or products for the corporate world, its design should be clean and business like.

4. Don’t be a business lightweight.
You’ve probably been handed a thin, low quality business card; and you probably formed an opinion on that company right away. All our business cards are printed on a minimum weight of 300gsm and we can go right up to a staggering 1190gsm. We don’t know of any other company supplying business cards that thick, so your business will certainly be remembered – and for the right reasons.

5. Feel the difference with a quality finish
Your card can be matt or gloss laminated, or you can choose a beautiful silk finish, including a luxurious white silk on our 540gsm cards. Whether you go for coated or uncoated, you can really feel the quality of a luxury finish.

6. Give yourself the edge
Our premium range of luxury thick business cards give you the option of colour on the edge of the card, with a choice of 12 customisable coloured core inserts, so your business cards will even stand out from the side when stacked.

7. Stand out with size
While the standard size for business cards in Ireland is 85 x 55mm, we’ll also print your cards at 90 x 50mm and 90 x 55mm. We also print a 170 x 55mm business card, supplied creased for folding, giving you even more creative options.

8. Design, design, design
The importance of good design is vital for your business card. Not only might your card be someone’s first impression of you and your business, but they may also show your card to others seeking the service you provide. If design isn’t your specialty, bring in a professional, or check out the many examples of great business card design on our website.

9. Use images sparingly
Well designed graphics and great images can be eye-catching, but white space can be very effective too. There’s plenty of room for images on your website and other printed marketing material.

business cards ireland10. Your card is your advertisement
A creative business card is your simplest form of advertising. While you don’t want to clutter your card with too much text, you can use the reverse to show a simple, bullet-pointed summary of services, or even include a QR code or teaser to drive traffic to your web site.

With over 20 years’ experience in printing creative business cards, we’re delighted to have helped a great number of customers, and we’re proud that they’re delighted with our service. To see what our customers say about or to look at examples of what you can achieve with your business card, simply contact our expert team or check out our website today.




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