Creative business cards really help your business

Creative business cards really help your business


Create a fantastic first impression

If you’re in business you probably give and receive business cards on a regular basis. When someone gives you their business card you probably make immediate assumptions on their service based on that card. If the print or the paper looks cheap and unprofessional, you won’t think well of the business. Even if the card is well printed, does it stand enough for you to keep it or remember the person who gave it to you? Are you likely to pass on their details to a friend of colleague?

Don’t fail with your first impression

All too often we see business cards purely as a way to pass on contact details when really we should view them as important pieces of marketing. Someone who might want the product or service you supply will be put off by a poor business card. Or they might simply forget they have it. However, if your business card is a little different or shows a bit more thought or creativity you’ll be remembered and that can lead to more contacts – and more business. So how do you make your card stand out from all the rest?

Stand out with shape

Most business cards are similar in size and shape and a well-printed, professionally designed card on quality paper will always give a great impression of your business. But what if your business card was square? Not only is that more original but it opens up a world of new design ideas. Or maybe your card could be folded? That gives you more space for additional information, graphics or a relevant, memorable image as well as being different. People will naturally open a folded card to see what’s inside so already you’ve got their interest.

Stand out with style

Think about printing your business card on different paper. Luxury papers with metallic, flake and pearlescent finishes will get noticed and get people talking. You can also use card with linen, marker felt or laid textures. Being creative in your choice of paper and finish will make your business card look and feel unique.

Go extra thick

Most business cards are printed on 350gsm card. It’s a good, sturdy stock and on premium card with professional print it will look great. However, you can also go for double, triple or even quadruple thick 1190gsm card. If you go over 810gsm you can have a coloured core insert that is visible around the edge of your card. If you really want your card to get noticed and talked about, extra thick is an excellent way to go. supply business cards to a wide variety of customers. We offer the best range of sizes, types and finishes we believe you’ll find in Ireland. Choose from premium uncoated, silk or gloss card or pick something from our stunning luxury paper range. You can also choose double, triple or quadruple thick cards with or without a coloured core. To see the full range of business cards we supply and get instant prices on bespoke, creative business cards, visit or contact us today.

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