Create the perfect folded leaflet

Create the perfect folded leaflet
Folded Leaflets

Marketing trends may come and go but folded leaflets remain among the most popular pieces of printed marketing. Use folded leaflets to advertise products, detail your services or tell your company story as well as for menus, to grow brand awareness or just to introduce your business. There are so many sizes and styles of folded leaflets available today you can say as much or as little as you like. However, you’re not the only business out there advertising with a folded leaflet. To ensure your leaflet rises above the rest and gets you noticed there are a few invaluable tips you should follow.

Perfect preparation will help you get the best from your finished folded leaflet

Roughly how much do you want to say? Will you be using many images? The amount of content will dictate the rough size and folding style that’s best for your leaflet. Take a piece of paper and decide on what sort of fold and size works best. You can have a half fold, roll fold, Z fold or gatefold. Roughly sketch out your layout with a pencil using lines for text and boxes for images. When you have got an idea of the sort of content you’ll be including, write the headlines and sketch out your leaflet again also leaving space for any graphic elements.

Design time!

Once you have a rough layout and have written your content you can get down to the business of designing your folded leaflet. Choose a suitable artwork template and start populating it based on your sketch. If you aren’t a designer yourself bring in a professional. No folded leaflet will enjoy good results if it’s poorly designed. If you use a third party designer they might tweak your layout so listen to their advice and talk through any differences early on so there are no nasty surprises later.

Proof check – and proof check again

Before you send anything to print always read it carefully. Let someone else read it too as it’s frighteningly easy to become blind to errors when you’ve looked at the same thing for hours or even days or weeks.

Choose your paper and finish

If you haven’t already thought about your paper type, weight and finish, now’s the time. If your folded leaflet is a menu, will be lifted and moved often or needs to last a long time think about lamination for extra durability and easy cleaning. Paper choice and finish will have a big effect on how your folded leaflet will look and feel. The right paper can really enhance your design and is just as important when it comes to how your business will be perceived. Ask for a sample book or to see printed examples on different types of paper. Only once you’re completely happy with your paper, your design and your content should you send your job to print.

Folded leaflets your way – at the touch of a button

When you partner with you can choose from 12 sizes and five types of fold for your leaflet Then you pick your paper from our extensive range that includes silk, gloss and premium uncoated as well as a stunning variety of luxury papers. There are also recycled options and a range of finishes along with matt or gloss lamination. You can get prices, upload your artwork and order online from any desktop or mobile device. Simply visit or contact our print team and get started on your fantastic folded leaflet today.

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