Create outstanding POS for your retail business

Create outstanding POS for your retail business

???????????????????????????????????The Christmas season is all but finished. However, retailers know the New Year brings even more opportunities to sell with new products, sales and plenty of shoppers looking for great bargains. Help them choose your store and buy the products you want to sell with outstanding point of sale advertising.

What should I put on my POS advertising?

Anything that encourages customers to buy should be clearly displayed on your POS. Got a special offer? Use a big headline that can’t be missed. If you’re pushing a particular product you can use a sharp, striking image. If you have many offers throughout the store, say just that and say it large. We still see posters all over Ireland saying simply SALE! Why? Because it works! When it comes to point of sale advertising keep it simple – and the bigger the better.

Think about colour

Sharp, bright colours are always effective but don’t use so many together that they clash. If you’ve a strong brand identity you might consider using one of your corporate colours as a base with a contrasting colour to really make out your message jump out.

Go big, go bold

Point of sale advertising is no place for subtlety or too much information. Grab people with a big, bold headline. No one will bother to read line after line of text to find out what’s on offer so make it big, bold, simple and easy to read. You can always display flyers or leaflets beside the product if you want to say more.

What are the best POS products?

  • Posters are great for signposting products and deals.
  • Roll up banner stands take up minimal floor space but are 2m tall so are highly effective at getting your message across throughout the store.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl is an excellent way to utilise existing surfaces like shelving units and old display stands.
  • See-through window graphics on your shop window allow passers-by to see your message and you can get really creative with images and type. With window graphics the purpose is to get you noticed and bring people into your store, not to advertise specific products.
  • Strut cards can be displayed close to the relevant products or elsewhere in the store such as till stations, customer service desks and store cafe tables.

The best products for you will depend on the space available and the products you want to highlight.

Great POS needs great print

At we’re fiercely proud of what we do and passionate about our print. That’s why we guarantee our print with the DP guarantee. We launched to provide great value for money print for businesses through Ireland but that doesn’t mean we’d ever dream of compromising on quality. See our full range of products, order online and find out what our customers have to say about us by visiting today.

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