Considering a rebrand?

Considering a rebrand?

How to make your rebrand work for your business.

There are a number of reasons why companies choose to rebrand. Maybe your logo looks old and dated. Maybe your competitors are getting too much of your market. Often, target audiences and company goals change as a business grows or develops. Whatever your reasons, rebranding is a large and very important step. As one of the largest digital printers in Ireland with over 20 years’ experience, have helped a great many companies with their rebrands. We print a full range of marketing products for our customers so when they rebrand, we’re always on hand to supply new printed marketing. If you’re thinking of a rebrand, there are a few things to consider:

Take the time to get it right
Rebranding can take longer than you think but don’t be tempted to rush the process or settle for something less than perfect. You can always adjust and refine in the early stages but once you’ve started a marketing campaign with your new brand, you don’t want to suddenly change the design. Remember that your brand will be seen across all of your marketing for years to come, so don’t launch your new look until you’re 100% happy that it says what you want about your business.

Don’t date your brand – allow room to evolve
A rebrand is a huge undertaking. All your printed marketing will need to change, from business cards right through to display stands and large format print. Make sure your new brand and design allow room for your company, your message and your target audience to evolve. Rebranding isn’t something you want to do on a regular basis. If you do, your customers will become confused and you’ll lose their trust. If you don’t appear to know what you are, how will your customers? Our customers know that when it comes to printers in Ireland, means excellent print quality, great customer service and reliability. That’s our business message. Make sure your customers know yours.

Consistency across all marketing
Once you rebrand, you must use your new identity on everything including your print, your advertising and your online marketing. A consistent message is vital in building and maintaining trust with your customers. Everything from billboards to stickers must carry a consistent brand and message.

Go for launch!
A launch event is a great way to get your rebrand up and running. Invite existing clients, potential customers, bloggers, press and suppliers. Create a buzz around your new brand and your business. A launch is a great way to create brand awareness, to build new relationships and strengthen existing ties. Banners, roll up stands, posters and leaflets throughout the venue will cement your new brand in the minds of everyone who attends. And you’ll benefit from the publicity and word of mouth created by a well-organised event.

At we supply an extensive range of marketing and large format printed products to our customers. You’ll find the full extensive range on our website where you can get an instant quote, upload your artwork and order online. We’re proud to be one of the most trusted printers in Ireland and we’d love to work with you. For more information on our market leading digital print or to get started with your print job, visit or contact our team of experts today!

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