Company business cards – when bulk makes sense

Company business cards – when bulk makes sense

business cardsWhen you’re at a networking event, trade show, talking to potential customers or if a chance meeting turns into a promising lead, the last thing you want to is to reach into your pocket and realise you’re out of business cards. It’s easy to forget to reorder company business cards – after all, you’re concentrating on running your business. However, your business card is one of your most important marketing and sales tools so instead or ordering enough to “do for now”, why not save worry – and money – by ordering in bulk?

What are the benefits of ordering bulk business cards?

  • Bulk orders cost less – When you order large amounts of printed marketing such as business cards you pay less per unit. So while the initial outlay is more you get better value for money. For example, 2000 cards will cost a lot less than ten separate orders of 200 cards.
  • Ordering business cards in bulk means you’re ready for any event – If you have an opportunity on short notice to attend an event, show or conference where there could be a large number of potential customers and leads, having a good supply of company business cards means you can take extra without leaving yourself short over the next few days. More importantly, having a larger stock of cards means you’ll always have plenty to hand in the first place.
  • Got staff? Make sure they’re all on brand – You can use one template for all your employees so your brand will always be consistent. That means you can avoid a scenario where an employee reorders old cards that may not carry your current brand. It also ensures that staff always have cards with them when they’re out and about. And make sure all your staff use one channel when they need business cards.
  • Bulk means peace of mind – As well as the financial benefits of bulk ordering your company business cards online you’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that you always have enough. You can reorder well before you risk running out rather than have to order immediately when you suddenly realise you’re down to your last few cards.

At we supply business cards to a huge variety of customers throughout Ireland from small business owners to large companies and bodies. We print a great many types of company business cards on a wide variety of paper types and we have offer of the largest range of weight options you’ll find online. You can even choose one of our luxury business cards that go up to a quadruple thick 1190gsm and have a coloured insert visible around the edge. To order a sample pack, get prices or order your company business cards, visit today.

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