Putting the Colour Back Into Christmas…

Putting the Colour Back Into Christmas…

It’s that time of year… the halls are decked and gay apparel has been donned. In fact, we’re being blinded by Christmas jumpers that light up AND play music… when will it end??

Christmas Printing

At a time when colour is everywhere, in all its hues and tones, how do you make sure your point of sale, flyers and brochures even get a look in? You ask us of course! All year (and for the last 25 years in fact!), we’ve been helping our design and business customers to produce the finest quality print: print that stands out for its vibrancy and quality.

Our clients also like that their print jobs are turned around fast and offer the best value for money. But as far as their customers go, it’s all about the colour… And that’s produced by our amazing HP Indigo digital presses which are designed to exceed expectations. This Christmas, we’ve helped many customers to get the standout they want in their marketplace. So, whether you’re thinking of print for the New Year, or even further ahead, follow our guide to getting the best out of festive colours – all year round.

Red & white

Traditionally festive, red and white are also great eye catching colours all year round. Coming into New Year, red and white will be everywhere as the sales begin, alerting bargain hunters everywhere to massive discounts and driving sales. If you’re in retail, standing out among the sea of red and white at sale time can be a challenge – but with these colours so ubiquitous with shoppers, you can maximise standout by being bold and creative with your design.

Red & cream

In a subtle twist on stark red and white, red and cream together are much more muted and traditional, giving a sense of heritage. If you’re in the luxury goods or hospitality market, red and cream give an air of warm sophistication.

Green, white and brown

These earth colours provide a neutral colour scheme that also evokes feelings around environmentally friendly, sustainability and nature. Together, they are trustworthy colours that people warm to. So, if you’re in health, beauty, hospitality or food, these are great colours with which to attract customers. Bright greens and light browns are also evocative of spring and renewal, so thinking about these colours for a spring campaign will ensure you’re in tune with the season and how your customers are feeling.

Blue, silver and white

These festive colours are also of the time, being both modern and fashionable. In a sea of colour, these three stand out for their coolness – quite literally! Cold and icy creates standout in an understated way and is perfect for alternative retailers who want to be seen as a little more upmarket and sophisticated. Turn up the tone on your blues and you’re in a whole new world of colourful opportunities.

Your brand: brought to life

Your brand colours are at the heart of your business, shaping recognition and giving loyal customers instant impact. They know it’s you! But are you showing off your colours to the max? Are you really exploiting their potential? Is it time to review and rethink what your colours say about you and how they could say it better? Incorporating your colour or colours as a design device across every piece of print is the beginning of real brand building that adds value to your business, drives brand loyalty and raises your profile. And then making sure those colours stand out on paper? Well, that’s our job.

Leave it to us to make sure your print is perfect. We’d love to hear about your print plans for 2017 – and see how we can help to make them happen. Call us today or keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter – we look forward to helping you to do even better business in 2017!

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