Christmas marketing tips for your business

Christmas marketing tips for your business

christmas marketing tipsWhile it seems like only yesterday we were enjoying the summer (and we actually had one – what happened there?) Christmas is now well and truly upon us. If you’re in business that means there are more marketing and promotional opportunities than ever. We’ve listed a few ways you can really use the festive season to your advantage with great Christmas marketing ideas.

Christmas cards aren’t just for Christmas

Well, ok, they are. But Christmas cards are a great way to contact past, existing or potential customers. People always read and display the Christmas cards they receive so you can put your brand right where you want it without appearing like you’re cold calling or selling. It might seem like an obvious Christmas marketing idea but it’s easy and very effective.

Boost responses with a Christmas call to action

Leaflet, direct mail and flyer campaigns already enjoy great response rates especially if they create a sense of urgency such as an offer for a limited time only. This is the perfect time to have special prices if customers book or buy before Christmas. You can also advertise a different offer over each of the 12 days of Christmas. Brochures or catalogues might include a pullout section with Christmas promotions or products. That way they’ll work after Christmas too so why not reprint a smaller amount of your existing brochure just for the Christmas period?

Christmas themed competitions

Include a Christmas competition in your direct mail. Everyone likes the chance to get something for nothing. Anything from spot the difference competitions using Christmas themed illustrations or “find the five hidden presents in the picture” to a Christmas quiz is sure to get responses if you make it easy to enter and include a closing date.

Location location location

What does everyone do at Christmas? They shop! Many also party. Put your posters, leaflets, stickers and other marketing wherever your target market is likely to be. Shops, clubs, restaurants, hotels and bars enjoy a huge rise in footfall over Christmas. You’re sure to get more from your Christmas marketing campaign ideas if you put them in front of the people you want as customers and the festive period makes it much easier to do just that.

Colour it Christmas

Everybody (well nearly everybody) loves Christmas so use reds and greens along with your normal corporate colours to give Christmas marketing a festive feel. There’s nothing wrong with jumping on the Christmas bandwagon!

At we want to help our customers get the best from your Christmas marketing campaign ideas. Our lowest price guarantee applies across our full range of products and of course your Christmas print will be of the exceptional quality you’ve come to expect.

Visit or contact our expert print team today to find out how we can help make it a happy and prosperous Christmas for your business.

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