Choose the right paper for your 2019 Save the Date card!

Choose the right paper for your 2019 Save the Date card!

?????????????????????????????????????????With Christmas done for another year many of us might feel partied out. However, business events take place all year round. If you’re thinking of hosting or arranging an event this year then it’s time to start planning. One of the first things you can do is print and send your Save the Date cards.

What is a Save the Date card?

A Save the Date card comes before the event invite. The purpose of a save the date card is simply to let people know that something’s happening on a particular date and that they should keep that date free. You can send save the date cards even before you have a venue, title or theme for your event. All you’re really saying is “Hi. Something interesting is happening on this date. Keep it free.”

When should you send out Save the Dates?

Because the date of the event is the only information you’re sending you should send save the date cards as soon as you have the date confirmed. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t booked a venue yet. It doesn’t matter if you don’t really know what form the event will take. Once you know the date send your Save the Date cards so that people can plan accordingly.

How can I make my own Save the Date cards?

Your Save the Date card can be flat or folded and they come in a range of sizes. The design can reflect the theme or feel you’ll be using throughout the event but if you haven’t decided on a look or theme yet, don’t worry. Think of your business image and the sort of customers you want to attract. Maybe a rustic or quirky design style suits your business. If your event or business model is more corporate you might pick a clean, corporate design style. Your Save the Date card can playfully tease of the event to come or simply say “Save the date.” It’s totally up to you!

What kind of paper to use for Save the Dates

The paper you use for your save the date will depend on your business, your event and the image or impression you want to give. However, never scrimp on the quality of paper used for any of your marketing. Cheap looking paper or print will reflect very badly on your business.

There are a number of paper types and finishes. Premium silk paper will have a smooth sheen. Gloss has a high sheen and makes colours stand out even more. If environmental issues are important to you or your customers, use one of the many recycled options. If you really want your save the dates to stand out think of using a luxury paper. The luxury paper range includes a variety of beautiful and textured papers including linen effect, laid, hammer effect, metallic and pearlescent finishes.

Print and paper perfection

At we strive to supply the most professional, premium quality business printing service in Ireland – and at the best value for money you’ll find. We supply an extensive range of premium silk, gloss and uncoated papers as well as our stunning luxury range. There are recycled options too and you can see all the choices on our website when you click for a quote. To make the best possible start to your party preparations visit today.

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