Why your business needs personalised letterheads

Why your business needs personalised letterheads
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You might think that in today’s business world, personalised letterheads are only used by large corporations or by companies who communicate mainly on paper rather than email. But that’s really not the case. Any serious business, large or small has its own letterheads. Why? Read on and find out how personalised letterheads are invaluable to your business even if you correspond digitally.

Personalised letterheads make your business look bigger

When a potential client sees a personalised letterhead they know they’re dealing with a professional business. Customers expect suppliers and partners to have letterheads. A professionally designed and printed personalised letterhead gives the impression of a well-run business. If you’re a sole trader, print your title under your signature but put something like “Business Manager” rather than proprietor or founder. It will appear that you’ve a team behind you and are capable of taking on larger projects.

Personalised letterheads help build relationships

Customers often like to deal with the same person they spoke to or have dealt with before. Personalised letterheads show them they’re getting a more personal service and that you’re not just a faceless business sending out blanket correspondence. Personalised compliment slips are great for building trust too. A hand written note to thank a customer for business or to wish them well in a venture can go a long way to developing a long term and lucrative relationship.

Creative letterheads show off your business

A well-designed and professionally printed personalised letterhead tells the recipient they’re dealing with a professional company that doesn’t cut corners. Think about the paper and don’t use cheap, flimsy stock or poor print. Well printed letterheads even on the best paper will cost less than you might think. View your letterhead as an important part of your marketing and you’ll soon see a great return on your investment.

Need help? No problem.

At Digital Printing Ireland we supply all sorts of businesses with professional personalised letterheads on high quality 120gsm premium, uncoated paper. Your letterheads, like all of our products, will be printed using one of our four market-leading HP Indigo digital presses that produce exceptional colour and print quality. If you’re new to business, ask about our business starter packs that include letterheads, compliment slips and business cards.

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