Do your business cards mean business?

Do your business cards mean business?

How to get the most out of your business cards…
Never underestimate the importance of your business card. That little piece of card might be the first impression a prospective customer or client has of your business – and of you.

business cardsIt’s easy to think of your business card as just a handy way to give someone your contact details. However, it’s actually one of your key marketing tools.

Are you a professional?
Of course you are! And you want everyone to know it! But they won’t think of you or your business as professional and trustworthy if you hand over a flimsy, poorly printed business card. At we won’t go below 300gsm for our standard cards. And we’ll go right up to a luxury quadruple thick card at 1190gsm. We believe no other online printer offers a card that thick or a better range of weights and finishes. They’re all on, so have a look and see how we make our customers’ business cards really stand out!

Use professional design
If you’re a professional designer or even an amateur who knows your way around the process, you’ll find our online ordering method really easy to use. If you’re not comfortable designing your own business card, bring in a professional. Remember, this might well be the first piece of marketing someone sees. Business cards rarely get thrown away, so one card might well be seen by many people days, weeks or months after you hand it out. You’ll want every one of those people to come away with the impression that you’re a professional company. If they don’t, they’re unlikely to call.

Point prospective customers in the right direction
Obviously, you can’t sell your products or services based on your business card alone. Your card will be more effective when used as part of your overall marketing mix and your aim is to get people to contact you for more information, ask for a brochure, seek out leaflets or maybe visit your website. Make your contact and website details prominent in the design. Maybe include a QR code to take people straight to your web or social media pages. Remember, we print on both sides, so you can use one side for important contact info and the other to give a brief summary of services, some bullet points, or even a striking image or graphic to help grab attention. It’s up to you and there are plenty of ideas on our website to help you get inspired!

We have a huge range of paper types, weights and finishes to help market your business in the right way from the moment you hand out your business card. We can finish your card in matt or gloss lamination, which really brings out our colours as well as protecting your card. And if you really want to create an impression, check out our luxury paper range.

You can order a sample pack of business cards to see the full range of what we can do. And of course, our expert print team are always happy to help and advise. To see how professionally printed business cards from can really help your business, simply contact our team or visit our website today!

Ever wondered what goes into getting your business cards to you? Watch this video to see how we do it…