Say it with business cards!

Say it with business cards!

business card dublinYour business card will usually be a prospective customer’s first impression of your business. People will make all sorts of judgements on you, your business, your products, services and even your personality; all based on that little piece of card.

With that in mind, Digital Printing Ireland have come up with a few tips to help ensure that your business cards work for you.

Who are you?
It might sound obvious, but your card should say who you are, what you do and how you can be contacted. Make sure your name and company are clearly displayed in a clean, easy to read font. These days, it’s not essential to include your full address, but web address, email and phone numbers are a must. A QR code is another great way to take people straight to your website via your business card.

Think carefully about the design
Choose a design style which suits your business. Well-chosen colours can make your card visually striking, although it’s often best to keep the colours and style in line with other company branding. And don’t under-estimate the power of a simple design. One colour and good use of space can be very effective. Remember too that you can use the reverse. Look at anyone when they’re given a business card. They read it and automatically flip it over. The reverse can be a great space to include a list of services, call to action, relevant picture or even just your company logo.

Look professional
Your business card is often your first point of contact and one of your most important advertising tools, so it must look professional. Make sure the print, card type and finish are of a high quality. You can find some ideas and a range of what’s available and popular on We only use premium quality, thick card, with a luxury option for even thicker card. It your business card doesn’t look professional, neither do you.

Don’t leave home without it
You never know who you’ll bump into. So whether you’re out on business, heading to the Ireland match or just walking the dog, always have some cards with you. It’s a key asset in your overall marketing strategy. Of course, you shouldn’t randomly thrust them into the hand of everyone you meet, but if the opportunity arises, have your card at the ready.

Remember, Remember…
Luxury Business Cards IrelandPeople, especially in business, might receive a lot of business cards, so how can you ensure they notice or remember yours? Again, quality is everything. A thin, poor quality card suggests a poor quality business. That’s why Digital Printing Ireland only print on premium, thick card.
Do have a look at our luxury high quality business cards too. It costs a tiny bit more per card (really tiny) but people will certainly notice the difference. A great design on a quality card will say a lot about your business. And remember, as the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

For any help or more info on business cards and how to promote your business, get in touch with our team of experts at

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