Business card design FAQs

Business card design FAQs

business card designIt’s safe to assume that you understand the necessity of a high-quality business card; they set the tone for you business, adding or detracting from your overall brand reputation depending on the quality of the end product that you achieve. In this post, answers the most popular business card design FAQs to help you avoid common pitfalls when creating this essential piece of business stationery.

Are business cards one size fits all?

No! At, we offer a wide range of business card sizes, including 55mm x 55mm, 90mm x 50mm, 90mm x 55mm, folded 170mm x 55mm and our most popular size of 85mm x 55mm. The size choice will be totally dependent on your business and its requirements.

How important is paper choice when designing business cards?

Very. As mentioned, business cards can either add or detract from your overall brand reputation. If you hand your customers and clients a business card made out of low-quality material, they are likely to think that your business offers a low-quality product or service. At, we offer a selection of luxury paper options to ensure that this is never the case.

Does card stock matter in business card design?

Yes. In continuation with our previous point, when designing business cards, the thicker the card stock, the better. When customers and clients get a tangible feel of a thick business card that oozes quality, it will show your business in a better light than if you handed them a thin and flimsy piece of material with your contact information on it.

What graphics should I include on my business card?

At, we’re wary of those that want to add an excess of images to business cards. On top of your logo, too many images can make the business cards look cluttered and make it more difficult for your audience to find their desired information. We recommend sticking to a well-designed and well-situated logo, with maybe one more image if your business warrants it.

Where should I get business cards printed?

At, we specialise in high-quality business card printing using only leading technologies, such as our HP Indigo Digital Presses. Our previous customers love the fact that sharp imagery, bold colours and clear text are assured when they choose us. We offer speedy turnaround and delivery throughout Ireland, including Dublin and beyond. Order business cards online today at

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