Top 5 Brochure Design Principles

Top 5 Brochure Design Principles

best brochures, how to make brochures, design brochures, good brochures, brochures ireland, create brochuresEffective brochure design can be the making or breaking of any business. Promotional brochures give your target audience an insight into the products and services that you offer, so it’s important to get them right. In this post, highlights the top 5 brochure design principles that are worth considering before the design process takes place.

   1. Text should be broken up into digestible chunks

Large pieces of text frighten most readers. A page filled with blocks of dense text will normally result in your audience skimming over the information provided, without taking much of a concerted interest. Effective brochures will make liberal use of subheadings, numbered and bulleted lists and short, punchy and concise paragraphs.

   2. Captions should be added to images

Believe it or not, people read captions. And whilst images are a great way to add context and vibrancy to your business brochures, adding a small caption to the image will help to clarify its intended message to the reader.

   3. Brochures should include testimonials

Due to the constant barrage of sales, limited offers, one time deals and the like, the modern day consumer is skeptical, to say the least. Your audience needs reassurance. And what better way to achieve this than with a customer testimonial? Nothing is better at persuading someone to take the next step than a credible story from another person just like them.

   4. Brochures should be written for an ideal customer

It goes without saying that it would be impossible to write a brochure for each individual on earth. Therefore, determining your ideal customer is of critical importance. Your ideal customer someone who you feel you can best serve with your product or service, and your brochure should be written in such a way that is consistent with their desires, values and so on.

   5. Calls to action (CTA) must be the focal point

The ultimate goal of a business brochure is to elicit action from your target audience. But how can you expect them to take the next step if you have not provided them with an opportunity to do so? Your call to action (or CTA) should be a focal point of your brochure. Whether it is to visit your website, get in touch or whatever, it’s imperative that you give your audience the best chance of starting a relationship with your business.

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