Get great branding on any budget

Get great branding on any budget

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A strong brand is important for any business and while we often associate the term with large corporations, good branding is vital for small business too. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost the earth and with a bit of planning, you can get a strong brand that will help build your business now and into the future.

Think ahead – and think big

Your branding will probably start with your logo. Your logo will appear on everything from business cards and brochures to posters or display stands. With that in mind, it pays to think carefully before choosing any imagery or illustrations that might be part of its design. Think not only of what your business is now but of what it might be in three or five years. If you expand or diversify will you need to redesign your logo? Rebrands can be costly and if your logo is recognisable changing it can damage the awareness you’ve already built up for your brand. Think of a design that says what you want about your business but isn’t too specific to one element.

Find the right designer

Given the importance of your logo, it’s important to use a professional designer. Designers don’t all charge the same so have a look around and ask friends and contacts for recommendations. Don’t hire someone without meeting and chatting to ensure they’re right for you. Have a look at their work to see if you like their design style and if you think it suits your business. Before you go ahead find out exactly what they’ll charge. Some designers offer good rates for new or small businesses and start-ups so shop around, check prices and tell your designer what you’re willing to pay.

Give your designer a good brief

Give your designer a comprehensive brief of what you want from your logo. Give examples of styles, imagery, and colours you like – and dislike. Tell them exactly what your business is, how you want it portrayed and the sort of customers you want to attract. For a designer, there’s nothing worse than getting a real brief only after the customer has seen the first designs submitted. Most designers charge by the hour so a good initial brief will save you both time and money.

Make sure your logo works everywhere

Initially, you might only envisage your logo on a business card or flyer but looking ahead it could appear on the marketing of any shape or size. Some businesses have landscape and portrait versions of their logo for this reason. If your logo might sometimes appear on a dark background, think about a version with white or light type. Your logo might also appear in press or single colour print so it’s worth having a version created that works in one colour. Different colour versions don’t take long to produce once the logo is designed but it’s much better to have them created from the outset.

We launched in 2013 to offer a high quality, professional printing service to businesses throughout Ireland. We’ve helped customers with branding through printed marketing and promotional products including business cards, brochures, posters and large format print. We have an extensive range of products available to view, price and order from our easy to use, award-winning website. To find out more visit or contact our experience team of expert printers today.






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