Roll out your brand!

Roll out your brand!

BrandEach type of printed media offers you a different opportunity to promote your brand and grow your business. At, we supply a huge range of printed products for customers. Used well, each product offers a unique chance to tell a different part of your business story, your message and your values. The possibilities are endless, with some types of printed media being more suited for particular purposes. Check out our guide to how to successfully roll out your brands across different media – and watch your business grow!

Different messages suit different media
You don’t have to cram all your services or messages into each piece of print. For example, posters, PVC vinyl banners, outdoor advertising and stickers are suited to a simple message or statement. Filling a poster with too much information will turn people off. Use a catchy headline or striking image to grab attention. Your aim is to get your brand out there, not to tell people about everything you do on one piece of media.

Mix your media to strengthen your message
Posters, like printed stickers, flyers and leaflets are great ways to drive traffic to your website or encourage people to seek out brochures where they can find out more. Stickers can go anywhere and often a web address and logo can be enough. Some people include a QR code to link straight to websites or social media pages. Flyers are great for giving a bit more info about what you do or why people should find out more. As long as your branding is consistent, all your media will work together to build awareness in your brand and your business.

Add value with offers
Postcards and flyers can also be used to offer discounts or special deals. With digital printing, you can print small runs at a time. This means that you can customise your media to suit current offers or change offers to suit different target markets. As long as your brand is consistent, it all builds towards a stronger brand and increased sales!

Sell with your stationery!
Even your stationery can contain a strapline that will be remembered. Of course, all your stationery will also show your logo, so every time you communicate; you’re building your brand. Compliment slips, as well as being branded, allow you to write a short handwritten note – a great way to build relationships and make customers feel like their business is genuinely important to you.

Your business cards are also great for growing your brand. We’ll print your cards on both sides, so you can use the rear to show your key message or values. And people usually hold on to business cards or even give them to colleagues or friends who might need your services. That means that your brand gets noticed again, weeks or even months after you initially gave away the card.

Whether you’re embarking on a full marketing campaign across a range of print media, or just printing one type at a time, it’s worth thinking of how all your print media can work together. You’ll see some great ideas on our website and our customer service team are always delighted to help and advise, so visit or contact us today. We’ll help you roll out your brand and grow your business!