The Good Booklet Guide

The Good Booklet Guide

BookletBooklets remain one of the most effective ways to promote your business. Even in this digital age, booklets are perfect when you want to:

– Introduce your business to prospective customers
– Strengthen your relationship with new customers
– Upsell to existing customers
– Tell people what you do
– Advertise products and services

What sort of booklet is best for you?

Depending on its purpose, its design and amount of information you want to include, there are a few things to consider including size, style and binding. When it comes to how your booklet is bound, thickness is a big factor.

For thicker booklets or catalogues of between 40 and 700 pages, perfect bound is a great choice. With this method, your document is bound together with adhesive along the spine. Perfect bound booklets stack squarely and you can print on the spine as well.

Saddle stitching is ideal for booklets up to 48 pages. This is where your booklet is stitched or stapled along the spine. It’s a straightforward technique, giving a professional finish for a low price. If it’s over 24 pages, we’ll square off the spine to stop it springing open.

Wiro bound, also known as wire or coil binding, is perfect for manuals, reference documents, reports and recipe books. The document is held together with a black metal wire spine that is fed through holes punched near the edge of the pages. It is suitable for between four and 180 leaves – that’s up to 360 printed pages.

Our website shows examples of differently bound booklets, so if you want to know about which might be best for you, visit the Booklet Printing section at


The page size of your printed booklet will depend on what you want to say, how your booklet is designed and how your booklet will be used. We print in a range of sizes from the ever-popular A4, through 210mm square, to A5 portrait or landscape and 1/3 A4. Different designs and target markets, might be suited to different sizes and styles, If you need some inspiration, have a look at the website to see what we’ve printed for other customers.

Paper and finish

The paper you use can really change the look and feel of your booklet. You can choose from silk paper, which has a smooth feel with a discreet sheen on which printed colours appear distinct and clear. Gloss paper has a shiny surface and very smooth surface. Colours appear very sharp and the need for lamination is reduced. Our Premium Uncoated paper is absorbent, meaning that inks appear flatter. The paper has a soft finish. You can choose weights from 100gsm up to 350gsm and there are recyclable options for silk and premium uncoated finishes.

We also print on a range of luxury papers for when only the best will do. This stunning range includes felt marked, pearlescent sheen, metallic and laid papers. The full range is shown on our web site and some really have to be seen to be believed, so why not ask for a sample? have over 25 years of experience in printing booklets. Whether your booklet is a stand-alone piece of marketing, or part of your overall marketing mix, we’ll work with you to produce an exceptional printed booklet which will give the perfect impression of your business. Have a look at our website to see the full range of products and read what our customers have to say, or contact our expert team today for advice on how to produce the booklet that suits you best.