Better branding for better business!

Better branding for better business!

Branding IrelandFive tips for success with your visual branding:

Your branding is the visual look and feel of your business. Getting your brand right is vital if you want to connect with your target audience and see your company easily recognised.

A strong visual brand will encourage loyalty and trust in your customers – and that means more business for you!

When designing and rolling out your branding there are a few things to consider, so see below for our five tips for better branding:

1 Be consistent
Your branding must have a consistent visual style across all marketing and advertising. Consistent branding builds loyalty and means that customers and prospective customers recognise your company. Research shows that inconsistent branding dilutes your business identity, while strong, consistent branding portrays your business as trustworthy and reliable. That means people are much more likely to buy and return.

At we supply a vast range of printed products for our customers, from leaflets, booklets and display stands right up to 96 sheet billboard poster. We find that the most successful marketing and advertising campaigns use strong, consistent branding across all printed media.

2 Know your customers
Before you design your brand identity and apply it to your marketing, you’ll need to think carefully about your target market. Who are they? Where do they go? What age are they? Your brand, corporate colours and the feel of your marketing must attract exactly the type of people who are likely to buy.

3 Design to fit your business
Logo, images, fonts and colours are all important elements of your brand. The look of your marketing says a lot about your business even before the content is read. First impressions really do last and it’s vital that every element of your design and branding sends out the right business message.

4 Develop brand guidelines
If you use different designers or allow your logo or brand to be used in other marketing or publications, you should always supply brand guidelines. Brand guidelines give clear instructions on colours and fonts as well as information on how or where your logo may be used. Even if you design your own marketing, it’s good to have guidelines to which you can refer, helping to ensure that your visual branding remains consistent and recognisable wherever – and whenever it appears.

5 Your branding is much more than your logo
Your logo is a big part of your branding, but there’s so much more to a strong visual brand than a logo. If you removed your logo from your marketing, would people still recognise your brand? Would your posters, leaflets and stickers look like they’re all from the same company? Good visual branding means that all of your marketing is recognisable not only because of your logo, but from the style, colours and feel of the visuals.

At we have over 25 years’ experience in supplying printed products to our customers. Take a look at our website to see examples that show how strong branding leads to striking print. You’ll also see our full range of products and prices. You can even order online! Simply visit or contact our expert print team and let us bring your brand to life today!


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