10 of the Best Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Customers.

10 of the Best Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Customers.

Give your customers – and your business – a Happy Christmas!

Christmas GiftsChristmas is the perfect time to remind your customers just how much you value their business. Everyone one likes something for free, and a Christmas gift is a great way to build or cement relationships, introduce yourself to new customers, or remind existing customers that you’re there. There’s a huge choice of gifts available, so to help you find which best suit you and your customers, we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best Christmas gifts to give to your Customers.

1. Christmas Hamper
Always useful, hampers can contain a variety of goods, from healthy options like fruit, to longer life foods. These are also handy for offices or where there are a number of staff, as the hamper can be split up between employees.

2. Photo frames
People take more photos now than ever before. Look in anyone’s home and office and you’ll probably find framed pictures. You can add a sticker to the back of the frame, so that even if they don’t use the gift straight away, they’ll be reminded of where they got it when they do.

3. Experience or activity gifts
Why not treat your customers to a day of race car driving or paintballing? Or for the less adventurous, a relaxing spa day? Maybe some of your customers would really appreciate a trip to the next Ireland match. Gifts like these are increasingly popular and always well received.

Christmas Office Gifts

4. Christmas card
Not only can your Christmas card be personalised, reminding your customer of your business, but it can also contain a voucher for free products or services. New and existing customers are likely to take advantage of a free offer so it’s a great way to strengthen relationships and establish new contacts. We print a huge range of greetings cards for our customers all year round. You can choose from a number of sizes and paper types on a wide choice of finishes, so have a look on our website to see examples and get some ideas.

5. Wine or spirits
Always popular, especially around Christmas. A bottle or case of quality wine, or your customer’s favourite whiskey will certainly go down well. You can even go for alcohol free wine if appropriate. We can print your own customised label too, so your name will be on your customers’ minds every time they pour.

6. Gift Basket
A gift basket might contain a range of your company’s products or simply a variety of useful items like health and beauty products. You can include a printed postcard advertising your brand, products and services too. People tend to keep postcards for future reference, so they’ll promote your business long after the gift is received. Digitalprintingireland.ie supply a wide range of printed postcards for our customers. Have a look at our website to see the sizes, paper types and finishes available to make your Christmas gift really stand out.

7. Chocolates or sweets
Who doesn’t like the occasional treat? A gift like this can cost as little or much as you want, and again, you can personalise the packaging or label.

8. Office Gifts
From USB sticks to pens or note pads, office gifts are always kept and used. A simple company logo or web address can be added, meaning your business name will be seen again and again.

9. Gift cards or vouchers
You can get gift cards or vouchers for virtually anything, from stores to restaurants. If you know your customer well, you can tailor their gift to their lifestyle, but if you don’t, you can give a card or voucher for somewhere more general. Either way, they’ll appreciate it.

10. Novelty gifts
Fun gifts are always popular. From printed foam stress balls to novelty toys, these tend to be kept on desks or even at home and can be great conversation starters, so your company’s name could pop up weeks or months down the line.

Promote with your packaging
Remember too, that you can use the packaging of your gift to advertise your business even before the package is opened. We print a wide range of stickers and address labels for our customers, meaning they can creatively brand anything they send.

To see the full range of printed promotional material we supply to get your business noticed at Christmas and beyond, check out digitalpritingireland.ie or contact us today. You can also join in the discussion at #youneedprint to see what other customers and businesses are doing, so why not get involved and get your business out there!

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