Be the best – with Ireland’s best business cards

Be the best – with Ireland’s best business cards

best business cards IrelandIn any business, it’s hugely important to show prospective customers that your product or service really is the best choice for them. Often, the first impression someone has of your company will be your business card. Get this right and you’ll leave a positive and lasting impression.

Are you professional?
It might seem like a stupid question, but it’s one that people will answer for themselves based on your card. With a range of premium finishes and weights from the standard 300gsm, up to a staggering 1190gsm, we’re proud to have our customers say we print the best business cards in Ireland. We know that a card that looks and feels professional suggests a professional business and quality service. Of course, that’s exactly what you want your card to say, so where should you start?

Use professional design
Cheap online templates produced cards look exactly that, so it’s vital to your business that your cards are professionally designed. They should say who you are; what you do and give prospective customers a reason to use your company.

Keep it clean and uncluttered
Of course, your name, full contact details and what you do should be displayed along with your logo, but don’t clutter your card with too much text or imagery. You can use both sides and a good, high quality image can help your card stand out, but keep it simple and easy to read. Remember, space can be hugely effective too. There are some great looks and ideas on so have a look and get inspired!

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Professional look; professional feel
Even the best design will fail if your card feels thin or cheap. That’s why we offer a vast range of finishes and weights. From uncoated, matt or gloss lamination, to luxury silk, we’ll compliment your graphics with the perfect finish. And while 85 x 55mm is the standard size for business cards in Ireland, we also offer 90 x 50mm and 90 x 55mm cards, so simply have a look on our website or contact our expert team to see what size and finish suits you best.

Be a business heavyweight!
To really make your business stand out, why not go with our premium weight business cards. Our 540gsm luxury silk card is nearly double the thinkness of a standard business card. Or there’s triple thick (810 – 865 gsm) and even quadruple thick card at 1080 – 1190gsm, all printed on premium stock with a range of luxury finishes. And with these ultra-thick cards you also have the choice of 12 different customisable coloured core inserts, which are visible around the edge of the finished card.

Feeling is believing
With standard cards at around 300gsm, we’re sure you can appreciate the impact our ultra-thick business cards will have on your prospective customers, but to truly feel the difference yourself, simply contact us and request a sample pack.

We know you want your business cards to portray just how professional your business is and that’s why we’re proud to offer the best print on the widest range of luxury finishes and weights of card you’ll find in Ireland. You know that in business, first impressions are vital, so to find out more about business cards that your customers will certainly remember, or to request a sample pack, just check out or contact us today.

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