Get the best out of Brochure Printing

Get the best out of Brochure Printing

Three essential elements for professional-looking brochures

Brochure DesignEven in today’s digital world company brochures remain extremely popular as sales, promotional and advertising tools. People interact for longer with a physical medium like print than they do online where they’re more likely to scan and move on. That’s why we still see so many brochures in our mail, in stores, and in showrooms. And that’s why it’s so important that your brochure looks and feels professional.

Quality in print – quality in design
Think you can save money by designing your own brochure in Microsoft Publisher? You can’t. It will be obvious to all that your brochure is home-made or cheap and they’ll assume the same of your business. The same is true if your professionally designed brochure is badly printed on cheap paper. Good design badly printed or bad design beautifully printed are both likely to turn off potential customers in droves.

Your brochure and the cost of design and print is an investment so don’t see it as a one-off, initial cost on which you can save money. Doing so will cost you more in the long run. If you aren’t a designer, hire one. And use only printers that use high-quality presses and premium papers.

Image is everything
In any professional-looking brochure, all images will be high resolution. Many images that look fine on screen or on a website will look blurred and pixelated in print. That’s because the two mediums required different resolutions. A printed image should be a minimum resolution of 300dpi at its printed size. You should also ensure all images are in CMYK colour mode. Screens show colours in RGB (red green blue) but in print, colours are made up from cyan, magenta, yellow and black. If your colours are RGB in your artwork your printer can convert them but then their appearance may change from how they looked on screen.

Care about content
Your brochure is beautifully designed and you’ve approved the perfect paper. But how does your content read? Many people write their own content because they understand their business. That’s understandable. However, if writing isn’t your strong point, bring in a copywriter. Even a well-designed, professional-looking brochure printed on the finest paper will fall short of the professional standard needed if the content is not well written. Grammatical mistakes or poor, over-wordy content will give a bad impression of your business. And whether you write the content yourself or bring someone in, check, check and check again. Give a colleague the artwork and ask them to check it too. Fresh eyes can see tiny errors even in the text you’ve read again and again. To produce a truly professional brochure you must leave nothing to chance.

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