The Benefits of Letterheads for your Business

The Benefits of Letterheads for your Business
The Benefits of Letterheads for your Business

Are you a new business owner ready to make your mark in the industry? You’ve probably started to think about business stationery, but have letterheads crossed your mind? In this post, highlights the benefits that printed letterheads could have on your business.

What are Letterheads?

Company letterheads are documents that include a heading containing important business information, such as a company logo, name, address and contact information. Their goal is to add a sense of professionalism to otherwise bare documents, leading to an enhanced business reputation with customers and clients.

Where to use Letterheads?

Business letterheads can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Invoices
  • Minuting notices
  • Legal tenders
  • Memos

What are the Benefits of Letterheads

1. Breaking the ice with new customers and clients

A letterhead is more-often-than-not the first point of contact that your new customers and clients will have with your business. The benefit of this is that your professional letterhead will provide them with important information in relation to your business, including essential contact information and more.

2. Can be used as legal correspondence documents

A company letterhead is considered a legal document. As such, they are permitted for usage as legal correspondence, representing the whole enterprise via its significance, meaning and usage priority.

3. Enhanced business reputation

High-quality letterheads add to the perceived professionalism of a business. This leads to an enhanced business reputation which increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

4. Brand reinforcement

Finally, branded letterheads are a great way of reinforcing the core values and key messages of any business. A consistent brand experience is shown to reassure potential customers, making them more comfortable with starting a relationship with the company.

How to Design Letterheads

  • Maintain a brand-centric theme throughout
  • Include all essential contact information
  • Make effective use of space
  • Use a clear and easy to read typeface

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