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Business cards of the rich and famous

Your business card is your most important piece of marketing when it comes to introducing yourself to potential new customers. That’s why anyone in business carries a card, even those whose name is so well known that they need little introduction. However, even the rich and famous use business cards and you might be surprised… Read more »

Get down to business with our convenient business starter kit

  Starting a new business is always exciting. It’s also a big undertaking. There’s plenty to think about when you’re setting up and launching your new business. Costs can rise quickly but you still need to get your brand into the marketplace. Business stationery is perfect for that and includes the first items of print… Read more »

Choosing the right font for readability

Any designer knows that typography is an integral part of the overall design. With posters, leaflets and large format advertising, readability is vital if the message is to be effective. That’s why designers put a great deal of thought into the fonts they use for headlines, subheads and content. Your choice of font can set… Read more »

Top design trends for 2018

Some graphic design styles and trends appear only briefly and then disappear. Others evolve and change alongside popular culture. One thing’s for certain; in any creative industry it pays to know what’s hot and what’s not or you can quickly be left behind for the new kid on the block. We’ve taken a look at… Read more »

The advantages of ordering your print online

More and more people are using online printers – here’s why. We all know it takes a great deal of time and effort to run a business. That’s why business owners love anything that can save time and reduce stress. Online print is one service that’s grown substantially in recent years and it’s not hard to see… Read more »

Creative business cards really help your business

Create a fantastic first impression If you’re in business you probably give and receive business cards on a regular basis. When someone gives you their business card you probably make immediate assumptions on their service based on that card. If the print or the paper looks cheap and unprofessional, you won’t think well of the… Read more »

Think you know stickers? Think again.

Five original ways to use printed stickers for promotion. When 19th century European merchants arrived in Dublin and other ports across the continent, they often used gum paste to stick eye-catching bits of paper to their crates in a bid to grab the attention of passers-by. It’s unlikely they realised just how much their idea… Read more »

Four facts that show why outdoor advertising really works

There’s a reason why it’s hard to drive down any road in Ireland without seeing a 48 sheet poster. It’s the same reason that it’s difficult to walk through any town or city without seeing outdoor advertising on billboards or bus shelters. The reason? It works!

How do you make sure you hire the right designer?

You’ve got the idea, you’ve got the content. How do you make sure you hire the right designer? Any print or marketing project will benefit greatly from a professional designer. Many businesses use the same designer over many years and if you already have a designer you’re happy with, hold on to them. However, if… Read more »