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Three reasons you should use backlit graphics

All signs or posters have the same purpose – to get your attention. Signage and poster advertising really works. That’s why we see so much of it and why marketers and advertisers are always coming up with new ways to have their message stand out from its surroundings. One sure way to get your message… Read more »

Design your dream wedding stationery online

For most couples, there’s no bigger or (hopefully) better day than their wedding. While the day itself is (again, hopefully) enjoyable, the build-up can be stressful, to say the least. There’s a huge amount to organise and one of the most important pre-wedding tasks is the design and print of the wedding stationery. There’s certainly… Read more »

Why you should choose

We launched to supply a premium professional printing service to businesses, designers and marketers throughout Ireland. We know we’re not the only printer in Ireland, but we truly believe we’re the best. From our beginnings, at the start of the digital printing revolution, we’ve been determined to offer the best print solutions available in… Read more »

NEW Website and Products Coming Soon….

At Digital Printing Ireland we are very excited to announce that we will soon be launching a NEW website! We’ve been busy behind the scenes, creating a new and improved website with features and products, which we think you’ll love. The new website not only has a revitalised look but it will make the process… Read more »

Fool-proof guide to applying bleed

Even experienced designers know how easy it is to overlook something before you send your job to print. Even a small oversight can lead to problems and applying the correct bleed is an important part of supplying artwork that will print exactly as you want it.

Top five exhibition marketing tips

Not sure how to promote your business at an exhibition? No problem – here are our top five exhibition marketing tips Exhibitions and trade events are great for your business. They’re filled with exactly the sort of people you can turn into customers. If you use an exhibition well it can really increase your sales, your… Read more »

The art of a good restaurant menu

A restaurant menu is much more than a printed price list of food. A good menu acts as a showcase for your brand and its layout can entice customers to buy your signature or most profitable dishes. Like any piece of marketing there’s a psychology behind menu design. Follow a few tried and tested rules… Read more »

What is gsm and what’s the best choice for your print?

If you’ve ever asked for a print quote you’ll know that you’re given options for everything from size, page count, finish and the gsm of your paper. Gsm stands for grams per square metre but is a good guide for thickness as well as weight. Letterheads will typically be around 100-120gsm, simply meaning that a… Read more »

Six of the best postcard design tips

Postcards are highly effective, low-cost promotional tools that directly reach your target market and are proven to get a great return on investment. They get attention and can be designed and produced for specific promotions, as stand-alone advertising or as part of a wider marketing campaign.