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Trade Printing – Is it right for you?

If you’re a graphic designer, creative agency, print broker, or anyone who resells printing services to your customers, check out trade printing with What is trade printing? A trade printer provides print at wholesale prices, so you can add your own mark-up, while offering a price which is competitive in the retail print market…. Read more »

Fancy a takeaway tonight? You wouldn’t be alone.

The Molle family have been operating the popular Dublin-based Macaris takeaway for the past 25 years. Here, we ask Fabio Molle from Macaris to share his knowledge of effective online and offline marketing for a successful takeaway business. This includes advice on everything from traditional printed takeaway menus to a fully responsive website with online… Read more »

Stickers. The perfect branding tool

We’ve all seen advertising stickers promoting everything from clubs to competitions. The adaptable nature of printed stickers and the range of shapes and sizes available, making them perfect for use in a huge variety of places. Stickers are an increasingly popular and effective way of building awareness of your brand and while they’re highly effective… Read more »

Getting it right – Top tips for designing your booklet.

Booklets can be an important and highly effective part of your marketing mix. Whether advertising specific products and services, introducing your company to the marketplace, or supplying prospective customers with more information on your business, a well-designed booklet will do wonders for your sales. However, before you go to print, there a few things to… Read more »

Business cards – Still your most essential marketing tool.

  Don’t be fooled into thinking that printed promotional materials are no longer important in today’s digital age. They’re more essential than ever and work perfectly alongside your marketing activity. In fact, there are few parts of your marketing mix more important than your business cards.

Make a big impression with pull up banners!

Pull up banners are a hugely popular and cost effective way of promoting your business. Often a pull up banner will be the largest piece of advertising you’ll produce and used well, they’ll certainly get you noticed at trade shows happening throughout Ireland in 2015, so it’s essential that your banner creates the perfect impression.

Business Cards Infographic by Digital Printing Ireland

They are likely to be the smallest marketing tool you possess but business cards pack a real punch when it comes to getting your name out there. From small businesses to independent retailers and even global organisations, a business card can do a lot for your brand and your connections. Here is Digital Printing Ireland’s ultimate… Read more »

Be the best – with Ireland’s best business cards

In any business, it’s hugely important to show prospective customers that your product or service really is the best choice for them. Often, the first impression someone has of your company will be your business card. Get this right and you’ll leave a positive and lasting impression. Are you professional? It might seem like a… Read more »

Roll out your brand!

Roll up banner stands are so versatile! Used to display your company brand and business message, roll up banners are an effective and affordable marketing tactic for just about any business. They are extremely easy to carry and convenient to set-up, so you can display them in a variety of places to boost sales and… Read more »

Your Brochure – Your Business

Printed Leaflets

Your brochure is often a prospective customer’s first interaction with your business. They’ll make decisions on you, your company and ultimately, whether your business is right for them; all based on what they see in those pages. Therefore it’s vital to send the right message. With that in mind, you should probably ask yourself a… Read more »