Monthly Archives: April 2019

CYMK or RGB for print?

Colour modes are a crucial facet of digital printing. They can be the making or breaking of printed items as, if the incorrect format is used, the end product may turn out to be completely different than first imagined. The two main colour formats are CYMK and RGB. But what do they mean? And which… Read more »

What makes the best pull up banner designs?

Pull up banners go by many names: roll up banners, roller banners, roll up banner stands – the list goes on. Although most of us know that they’re used for advertising businesses, products or events at trade shows, exhibitions and the like, many will still be in the dark in terms of the design best… Read more »

Saddle stitch vs perfect bound: Which type of binding is right for you?

It’s time to settle an age-old old debate: Which type of binding is better, saddle stitch or perfect bound? The answer: it depends. Saddle stitch binding and perfect bound book binding both have their strengths and weaknesses, meaning that they are each better suited to differing requirements. In this post, highlights the advantages and… Read more »

What is a compliment slip?

In business, personal touches go a long way in increasing your referrals and promoting positive word-of-mouth advertising. If only there was a piece of business stationery that contributed to your brand reputation in this way… In fact, there is! Compliment slips are the ultimate digital printing solution for enhancing customer loyalty to your brand. In… Read more »