Monthly Archives: February 2019

What are the different types of booklet binding?

Stroll through your local newsagent or bookshop and you’ll see all kinds of magazines, paperback and hard-backed books. You probably don’t think about how the pages are held together but chances are they’re all bound using one of the three main types of binding used in book printing. Booklet binding is an important part of… Read more »

Design the perfect pull-up banner

Pull up banners, roller banners, roll up banner stands – call them what you will, but one thing’s for sure. Pull up banners are among the most effective forms of marketing around. They can go anywhere, they’re portable, easy to use and can cost as little as €27.60 per stand. Sound good? Well then, have… Read more »

The ultimate guide to paper types and sizes

Whatever your print job you’ll want to find the perfect paper size, weight and type to suit. The paper you use might depend on your target market, the final purpose of your print or the kind of event, products or services you’re advertising. If you’re not familiar with the world of print, paper choice might… Read more »

Your 2019 Digital Printing Checklist

Your new 2019 marketing campaign is designed and looks great. You’ve checked the text (repeatedly) and you’re ready to upload your artwork for print. But before you hit that send button ask yourself this: Have I checked that my artwork is completely print-ready?