Monthly Archives: November 2018

What is leaflet marketing?

Leaflet marketing can take many forms. When done properly using well designed, professionally printed leaflets it grows your brand and promotes your business or services. Bad leaflet marketing just annoys people and will do your business much more harm than good. If you want your leaflets to fall into the first category instead of into… Read more »

How to design a business card

If you’re in business or run your own company you need a business card. Even if your business is based online you’ll meet prospects and potential customers everywhere. Business cards are invaluable whatever your sector.

What is paper stock?

Paper is every bit as important as the design and the print quality and ink used on your printed job. Most people recognise good design but choosing the right paper can be a trickier prospect. Paper choice has an impact on your message and your company image as well as on the price of your… Read more »

Getting the most from your pop up banners

A pop up banner is a great way to get your message out whatever your budget. If you haven’t thought of using pop up banners or if you’re looking for new and effective ways to promote your business anywhere and everywhere, pop up banners are the perfect solution.