Monthly Archives: June 2018

The advantages of using luxury paper for your online printing

Print quality and paper quality are the two elements your printer needs to get exactly right if you printed job is to look professional. Poor print and cheap looking flimsy paper will give potential customers an extremely poor impression of your business. At we use only premium grade paper whether you choose uncoated, silk… Read more »

Create the perfect folded leaflet

Marketing trends may come and go but folded leaflets remain among the most popular pieces of printed marketing. Use folded leaflets to advertise products, detail your services or tell your company story as well as for menus, to grow brand awareness or just to introduce your business. There are so many sizes and styles of… Read more »

See-through window graphics. How do they work?

See-through window graphics seem to be everywhere. We see them on shop and business windows, businesses, bus shelters, phone boxes and on vehicles all over Ireland. While see-through window graphics are widely used for advertising products, brands and services, they can also be used as art to dress up a boring space or to obscure… Read more »

How to choose the right paper for your brochure

Your company brochure is a window into your business and your brand. Whether its purpose is to show your products and services or to explain what you do, potential customers will make decisions on your business based on your brochure’s content, design, print quality and the paper on which it’s printed. So before your brochure… Read more »

Be inspired – 10 amazing poster designs to spark your creativity

The poster as we know it today dates back to the mid-19th century when lithography made mass print production possible. Today’s poster designers have all the technology at their fingertips to create stunning images, advertising everything from clubs and events to blockbuster movies. Of course, we don’t all have the huge budgets and timeframes enjoyed… Read more »