Monthly Archives: April 2018

Our guide to essential printed business collateral

Got a small business? Check our guide to the essential business collateral for small businesses. In the modern business world digital marketing can be a great tool but it doesn’t replace the need for professional, printed collateral. When it comes to marketing that gets noticed and read, print still regularly out-performs online marketing. If you’re… Read more »

Business cards of the rich and famous

Your business card is your most important piece of marketing when it comes to introducing yourself to potential new customers. That’s why anyone in business carries a card, even those whose name is so well known that they need little introduction. However, even the rich and famous use business cards and you might be surprised… Read more »

Get down to business with our convenient business starter kit

  Starting a new business is always exciting. It’s also a big undertaking. There’s plenty to think about when you’re setting up and launching your new business. Costs can rise quickly but you still need to get your brand into the marketplace. Business stationery is perfect for that and includes the first items of print… Read more »

Choosing the right font for readability

Any designer knows that typography is an integral part of the overall design. With posters, leaflets and large format advertising, readability is vital if the message is to be effective. That’s why designers put a great deal of thought into the fonts they use for headlines, subheads and content. Your choice of font can set… Read more »

Top design trends for 2018

Some graphic design styles and trends appear only briefly and then disappear. Others evolve and change alongside popular culture. One thing’s for certain; in any creative industry it pays to know what’s hot and what’s not or you can quickly be left behind for the new kid on the block. We’ve taken a look at… Read more »