Monthly Archives: May 2017

Say “Thank You” with a card

The many uses for thank you cards. These days we send cards for any number of occasions, from Christmas and birthdays to Valentines Day. At we print all sorts of greetings cards, postcards and appointment cards for customers and in recent years we’ve noticed a rise in the popularity of thank you cards in… Read more »

New Mobile Artwork Upload Functionality [Infographic]

Upload Artwork from Your Mobile Device You can now upload your artwork straight from your mobile device thanks to the new mobile artwork upload functionality. Instead of using a desktop to upload your PDF, you can simply select files saved to Dropbox or Google Drive etc. and upload them directly to our servers with your… Read more »

Considering a rebrand?

How to make your rebrand work for your business. There are a number of reasons why companies choose to rebrand. Maybe your logo looks old and dated. Maybe your competitors are getting too much of your market. Often, target audiences and company goals change as a business grows or develops. Whatever your reasons, rebranding is… Read more »